10 Idioms To Speak Familiar French

French people use in their talk familiar expressions like those in english. They are idioms. These idioms are considered the key to distinct who is in culture and out of culture. In other word through idioms you can built a bridge from where you can achieve channel to express and feel in touch with you reciever. 


Idioms are the perfect linguistic tools to make native speakers to feel calm while they addressing to each other. And indeed, using idioms during speaking in a dialogue of two or a group of people makes your language, you speech clear and understandable. Receivers feel at ease when they hear expressions, their familiar, and their homemade expressions. 


In addition, in order to avoid the literal translation from the source to target language, idioms are the best methods to come over this obstacle either on writing or speaking. Really speaking what matter most at the time of discussing an issue with natives of any language and French people especially. No matter what level you get in acquiring syntax and structure, idioms are an important criterion of expressing correctly French language otherwise you get stuck to transmit sense and meaning.

10 Idioms To Speak Familiar French
10 Idioms To Speak Familiar French

From your own experiences, you can differentiate English natives from English speakers just simply according to their language formula. Sometimes you can say “ hell shit ?! are you serious are you really speaking English??”.


So in order avoid shyness invite to learn these idioms.


1 – Tenir au courant
To tell someone of something: It means to inform somebody about news concerning you environment.

Je te tiens au courant que ma femme est enceinte.
Nous vous tenons au courant que le projet a été inauguré

2 – Faire marcher quelqu’un
This experience used to tell someone that he has been mocked of.
         Je te fais marcher Jessica, je n’ai vendu la voiture blue.

3 – Mélanger desenceinte  choux et des carottes
When someone doesn’t organize a speech, playing , acting, you use this expression to avert  that he/she doesn’t do it well.
L’enseignant a la classe dit “ vous mélangez les choux et les carrottes” 

4 – Mettre les points sur les i
It means to put a clear meaning to  a suspended issue.
         Il faut mettre les points sur i.
                   = it is used only in third person of singlar

5 – Chercher midi a 14:00 heures
The following idiom relates a situation of a person who takes wrong way to get an objective.
         Tu cherches midi à 14:00 heures.

6 – Etre deux doigts de
It means to be ready to do something or about to start to work on a task.

Je suis deux doigts de écrire un articles.
nous avons été deux doigts de gagner.

7 – Couper les cheveux en quatre

This idiom means that you should explain each aspect clearly, properly and to the point. For example if you don’t understand the talk of your French friends announce this idiom “Coupes le cheveux en quatres”.

8 – Tant bien que mal

When someone didn’t finish a work properly but you are somehow calm because he has done even though.

 We use this idiom like that “ tant bien que mal”.

9 – Qui vivra verra

While you are discussing an issue or problem of situations you end up to closed points that doesn’t have a solution or a clear ending you say this idiom to reflex your point that the time only can unveil the conclusion.

10 – Ca me va !!
     This idiom has two sense.
         When you are testing new clothes and you are asking your friend that does it suit you, you use this idiom.
         While you are a group of people trying to reach a acceptable decision, and when someone of you decide, if you agree with the solution you announce that idiom.

I have mentioned the idioms that need to be conjugated while using them in sentences and others who you can use as it is given above.
You see how these idioms and expression are simples but the relevance of them take place while you are see the facial expressions  of your receiver how he senses the familiarity in your talk just like he has a talk with his closest friends in the neighbourhood.

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