4 Movies help you to Learn French

This article tends to help new English native speakers how to learn French in practicing way; watching movies, listening to music and chat with French speakers.

Once you heard the expression of « Relevant thoughts to learn French » you get the idea that i am going to tell you about the secret that leads you to excel the French language. Of course not! it looks a disappointing when you realize this fact.  You should know about learning new languages asks learners to be realistic either in your thinking or practicing. 

There are sources like Youtubers or commercials brands give illusions to pupils through telling them they have magic way, the nearest shortcuts. They say that our programs allow you to learn French in teen days or something like that. In fact, do you believe these lies? Never! My brain can’t accept the process. It’s really abnormal.

Through my own experience I have started to learn French from third grade of primary school. In the beginning it appeared to me like a strange language because as you know my mother tongue which Arabic has its own letters that means that it has not the Latin origins. So the letters of French language looked Bizzard and I thought that I will never be able to transcribe them but our primary teachers another point of view. They started glorifying this language and they say that it is the language of enlightenment and science unlike the Arabic which is considered the language of religion and poetry.

Relevant Thoughts How To Learn French With Four Films
Relevant Thoughts How To Learn French With Four Films

 However I did my best starting with focusing on the methods the teacher used a the time. Do a lot of writing a lot of listening and later an accepted practice of speaking.

I won’t say that the grammatical part isn’t important yet it shouldn’t be the essence of how to learn French but first try to change your life entirely to a French style; Music, Films, Audio and written stories. 

Moreover, and it could the precious advice, make new friends there in Europe, isn’t that great to befriend new mentalities from out world. Friends who think differently see life from another perspective of yours, love another sport unlike yours, submit to divers’ religion; Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism… beside you can learn about clothes specialties of European people and French ones especially.

Never mind , recent studies confirm that the process of learning new languages in classical methods; grammatical, syntax, phonetics stuff isn’t fertile enough to transmit the target language competences to learner instead it makes him as a machine that translate from the source language to target language to the extent that it deteriorate the meanings “ traduire c’est trahir”. Learner ambiguity increases during certain time to discover at last he has lost significant time at learning rules make his brain work in mechanical ways, shameful. Instead starting with learning grammatical rules habituate the target language.

 and I recommend you to watch this films as beginning step later listen to French music , by the way, the French music is joyful full of strong expression and magnificent voices like Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf ……….. I invite you to watch these French movies. I am pretty sure that you will them certainly. I personally watch them again over and over because they are really amusing:

2.    Les Choristes

3.    Beliér

4.    Madame Bovary

You know in my country there are people who excel about two or three languages knowing that they have never been at school but they have been alongside tourists who come visiting Morocco. 

Consequently they learn French English and spanish with native speakers rather than learning second language through access to French or English classes, there is an Arabic proverb says
” خذوا العلم عن أهل العلم “
It means you should learn sciences from people they own sciences. The situation is identical. Learn French through listening to French People.

On other hand, instead of listening English music which is dominant in our days start listening to French singers like 
1.    Jacques Brel
2.    Edith Piaf
3.    Charles Aznavour
4.    zaho
5.    La fouine : if you like RAP.

At last, in your Free time have a discussion in French about the daily matters and be always the first to take the opportunity to talk the ore you talk the best you benefit of the debate either vocal or writing. Don’t give shut the error you make with time you come over these obstacles.
It was me Abdelaziz ILidrissi who’s speaking to you, i hope you have an exciting time with me and i wish you all the best.

Have a good day

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