Across The Babylon Rivers

What are the consequences of one wrong decision?

The Gulf War, Iraq. Two orphaned twin sisters are killed during a destructive bombing, leaving their older stepbrother, Daud, behind. While mourning their deaths, a shocking piece of information that has been kept hidden for years is revealed to him – he was born a Jew. His real family escaped from Baghdad decades ago, but no one knows how or why they decided to abandon him.

Several months later, Israel. A young lawyer receives a strange email from an unknown source seeking desperate help. It is not long before Mossad agents knock on his door to question him about forbidden contact with the enemy, but he has no answers to give them.

Fate has a mind of its own, and soon he realizes that his family holds deep dark secrets – secrets with the potential to open the wounds of the past and make him doubt everything he has ever believed in.

Across the Babylon Rivers is an odyssey of loyalty, betrayal, and basic human instincts confronting reality and conventions.

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