Amazon prime rejects European Super league

Amazon prime rejects European Super league

Thinking outside the box, leading 12 big teams of Europe to release the project of the European Superleague on 19 April. these Clubs are Le Real Madrid, le Barça, l’Atlético de Madrid, l’Inter, l’AC Milan, la Juventus, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham. Nevertheless, the reaction of English street oppressed the dream of the super league.

Chelsea fans go out of the streets to say no to discrimination against football teams ( small teams). Chelsea supporters say that all football teams have the right to be big clubs if they perform well on the pitch instead of European Super league classification.

Today breaking news, all the six big teams pull out the participation in tournaments. Arguing that the will of clubs’ supporters interest the members owners. Their will decide the clubs move in all matters especially immense move to European Super league tournament.

Many dominating media networks see that participation in European Superleague broadcasting won’t bring any interest to their companies if they go against the football supporters’ will.

Amazon Prime Video understands and shares the concerns raised by football fans regarding a breakaway Super League. We believe part of the drama and beauty of European football comes from the ability of any club to achieve success through their performances on the pitch.

We have not been involved in any discussions for this proposed Super League. We are proud to offer our Prime members the football which matters most to them and to present the action in the most innovative ways, including UEFA Champions League football in Germany and Italy and Premier League football in the UK.

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Amazon prime rejects European Super league

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