Ascension: Through the Ascension Room, Book 1

Who are the sumus exitium? What lies beyond the ascension room? 

“Reality can be harsh, cruel, and unsettling. It comes at you when you least expect it. Like when you feel that your grip on the situation is firm, unbreakable. Existent even. Then, with only a moment’s notice, It can change us or destroy us, depending on its prerogative. It was currently in the process of doing both. As grown-up as I thought I was, living on my own and fending for myself, nothing could have prepared me for what I was going through right now. Nothing.”

When 16-year-old Alexander Briggs is recruited into a secret society of similarly gifted teens, he is asked to give up everything in the process. Everything. In exchange, they promise to teach him how to control his powers and give purpose to them in the process. They tell him his potential is boundless. But, should such power exist without bound? Can choices be changed? Fates avoided? Futures made new? Or is there nothing that can be done to fight against and stop the darkness mobilizing within the Sumus Exitium?

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