AVENGERS: Endgame Review

All people were happily waiting for the ultimate battle between THANOS and AVENGERS. We all let our imagination free to catch up the way Avengers would beat THANOS but nobody was expecting the big screen becoming theatre full MARVEL HEROS.

First minutes of AVENGERS endgame heroes were pissed off because of lost they live. THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA CLINT NATASHA ARE GATHERED in AVENGERS CENTEr thinking about a way to solve things up. Ironman lost in the space with Nebula. They couldn’t get back to earth. Surprisingly CAPTAIN MARVEL shows up to bring them home at least for IRONMAN.

After five years:

The ant-man scientist who’s done quantum research come up looking for Captain America to suggest his feeling after he also discovered his loss. CAPTAIN America and NATASHA decided to give a shot. CAPTAIN AMERICA NATASHA and Ant-Man got Ironman who had established a small family and has a girl ( iron heart??). Ironman didn’t give a shit arguing that there possible way to go back in the past through quantum theory. Ant-Man tries to explain that there is an option to reverse the snap of a finger if they collect six stones of infinity if they could achieve this puzzle of time machine if soo speak.

THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA CLINT NATASHA scattered to invite once more the rest of AVENGERS around the earth. After a discussion between IRONMAN and his wife, she admits that she made a big mistake to convince IRONMAN to get ride of the iron suit and dedicated his life to the family.

At that night ironman decide to take things at hand, he solved the problem of the time machine. IRONMAN joined the Avengers league with the solution of the time machine. Avengers traveled to the past before when Thanos had possessed the stones of infinity and before the infinity gauntlet.

Nebula was the chain between Avengers and THANOS. She unwillingly showed the plot of Avengers as long as she is linked with Nebula of the future. Thanos discovered that Nebula will take the Avengers’ side and he ordered her to bring THANOS and his army to the time of Avengers, And so it is.

Avengers scattered once more each hero sent to a planer in order to bring the stone of infinity. During this journey, Avengers had many memorable fascinating moments with there lovers but Clint and NATASHA have a fight on VOR MIR deciding who is going to sacrifice himself or herself as to obtain SOUL INFINITY STON. In the end, NATASHA left us instead we got soul infinity stone.

Ironman has crafted the infinity gauntlet version of the earth. Then Hulk dropped the infinity gauntlet and snap of fingers Hulk bring all avengers died Heros of last chapters into life however Hulk badly harmed his right hand. Ironman interfered to eliminate the impact of the INFINITY gauntlet.

At that moment, Nebula of the past opened the gate of the time and so Thanos and his army show up on the earth but without the INFINITY gauntlet as the stones of INFINITY are possessed by Avengers.

Thanos is presented in an explicit way in the Avengers endgame. I could say it is a great handcraft this special Marvel character. Thanos fights with a magical sword instead of INFINITY gauntlet.

Really believe me the last scenes of Avengers Endgame are just incredible. Thanos fight face to face against all avengers Wanda IRONMAN thor spiderman the absent is only HULK ( the gentle of Endgame).

Do you remember first scenes of Avengers Age of Ultron, a challenge among male avengers who are going to left THOR Mjolnir? Captain AMERICA moved Mjolnir and THOR face changed. All of a sudden, Captain America controlled the Mjolnir in Endgame and saved Thor from Thanos while mad titan was smushing thor face.

Thanos and his Arny had done great effort to get the INFINITY gauntlet. once he got it, He intended to snap fingers CAPTAIN Marvel stopped not to snap fingers and took up the infinity gauntlet. Thanos left the bleu INFINITY stone and throw away CAPTAIN Marvel. Ironman ran toward THANOS and took all infinity stones though THANOS threw fists to his face. Ironman stood the fists of the mad Titan and ran away with the INFINITY stones releasing there on the iron Suit and snap fingers finally THANOS and all his army vanished just like sands.

Ironman sadly died because of the infinity stones radiation. All Avengers and MARVEL heroes gathered in his house to witness his funeral. in upsetting scenes, we lost one of A and B characters in Marvel universe. ” I think we lost them forever. IRONHEART could replace ironman in the future”.

CAPTAIN AMERICA went back to past to throw INFINITY stones so they couldn’t alter the present reality. then he joined his lovers, Carter, to live an ordinary life just like all people do.

Avengers endgame is a hilarious chapter of Marvel comics universe too much of emotions anger pity sadness vengeance in magnificent production of Marvel Studios.

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