Best moments of Marvel cinematic universe

I know people have favorite marvel movies but what are some of your favorite Marvel moments throughout all films up to Endgame.

In no particular order: Ending of Captain America 1 when he sacrifices himself all the way to him saying “I had a date.” That was just a good heartbreaker.

GOTG Vol. 1.   When young Peter doesn’t take his mom’s hand at the beginning and she passes away and then at the end when he takes Gamoras hand but sees his mom.  That made this movie.

Iron Man 1: The death of Ho Yinsen. I believe that was the catalyst of the entire Marvel Universe. If he didn’t die Tony Stark doesn’t change his whole perspective.

Civil War: several good moments but the fun one is when Hawkeye introduces himself to Black Panther after T’challa dodged two arrows and caught two others.

Clint: “we haven’t met yet. I’m Clint.” Black Panther: “I don’t care.” Black Panther: Killmongers line at the end.  So well delivered and an amazing moment for that character. “Why? So you could just lock me up? Nah. Just bury me in the ocean. With my ancestors that jumped from the ships… Because they knew that death, was better than bondage.”

Avengers: as soon as Loki uttered the words” stop i am your God”. Hulk smashed him above the tour of Tony stark industries. Definitely, it was one of the powerful and funny scene in Marvel universe. Hulk ended “you are small God”.

Spider-Man homecoming: The Rubble Scene… i see it as An amazing moment from Tom Holland.

Avengers infinity war: the moment when THOR feels the Stormbreaker is ready to leave in Nidavellir. Then later the magical entrance lightening Thanos army only with one kick. Without forgetting in the first scene the way IRONMAN presents the technology of armor nanotechnology.

Avengers endgame: The most beautiful scenes are those of THANOS relaxing in his garden after he has done his dream of stability. I like the way he put on T-shirt and primary life THANOS . Another marvellous scene from Endgame which I wouldn’t forget it is the moment of confirmation that CAPTAIN AMERICA  can handle Thor Harmer and Stormbreaker.

I’m sure there are others but those stand out. Which one do you like most?

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