Bran Stark is Night King

Crazy theory!!
So what if this whole time we have been thinking the Night King was the ultimate bad guy, but he really was just a puppet being used in a grander scheme. What if this whole time the 3 eyed ravens have been playing everyone. What if years stuck in a tree and knowing all the world’s history has made him bitter, and he now wants the destruction of mankind? If we go back to season one when Old Nan is next to Bran and the crow appears on the window sill she says “Don’t listen to it. Crows are all liars.” Then she proceeds on telling the story of the WWs. What if this was a hint at the true nature of the 3ER considering he most likely was in that crow. In Bran’s dreams, he appears as a crow with 3 eyes and teaches Bran to “fly.” He tells Bran he has been watching him his entire life. He knew he would need Bran to accomplish his dark desires. Once you become the 3ER you are no longer who you once were, you are no longer a man, you are nothing but the 3ER…

This theory suggests that the real Bran actually died in the cave. The 3ER used him in order to break the magic around the cave and warg into Bran so he could leave from there after years of being trapped. He even knew Bran would be marked by the NK. After Bran and Co. Are saved by Benjen, Bran tells him the 3ER “lives again.” Bran being embodied by the original 3ER could explain Bran’s heartlessness and why Meera told him he “died” back in that cave… has always been his goal to destroy humankind and reset everything.

The NK was a failed experiment from the children of the forest, but it could be possible that the children were only doing as the 3ER bid, as they both share a deep connection it would seem. There is a picture to support that the 3ER was present during the creation of the NK as the weir wood tree and the 3ER have an eerie similarity in resemblance. After the NK went rogue and was hellbent on destroying his creators, the 3ER knew he needed to destroy the NK, but not after using him in an attempt to further his goal in destroying mankind. This whole time we have speculated that the NK may have been a seer because of him being in key locations to obtain what he needed to get beyond the wall. What if it was the 3ER ensuring all of this played out perfectly? What if he has set up every move as if he was playing chess using Jon, Dany, and the NK? His entire goal after watching a lifetime of human behavior would be to turn a man on man and “cleanse” the world through their destruction. But in order to carry out his plans, the NK had to be destroyed first, especially since he was marked and the NK would be able to always hunt him down. So he painted a picture making the NK look evil. This is how he knew to give Arya the dagger. Why he told Theon everything he did brought him to this point. He is a “good man?” The evil definitely outweighs the good with Theon, and his torture doesn’t quite do it all justice. This is said bc the 3ER knows the bad and malicious things he has done was to further his goal.

This is why Sam has been spared in order to tell Jon of his true parentage and turn Dany and Jon against each other in a Dance of the Dragons 2.0 situation. We have already seen foreshadowing that some may think Jon deserves to sit on that thrown over Dany. What if they somehow finally convinced Jon that she is evil, and just like her father? This is the 3ER goal to wipe out the strongest forces with war to leave him to create a world the way he sees fit. He has in fact been doing this since the beginning. Manipulating the Mad King through the flames, and every other character with visions. As well as starting the war of the 5 kings, and even Robert’s Rebellion….the presence of the 3ER is suggested to be a deity force using the world and humans as puppets to achieve its own desires….it could even be the great other we have heard about but has been forgotten

So YES, this theory suggests that the NK and the WWs were actually not the real bad guys, but in a sense, good. Only they would spare no expense on destroying the 3ER, and this is why they had to be dealt with. This theory also suggests that Arya will be the one to kill him. We all know Melisandre has told her 3 colors of eyes she will shut forever. We all know who 2 of the colors were, and we all suspect that Cersei will be the green eyes she closes…..but we know that will be Jaime’s doing and his death…so here is my theory……

Brown eyes=Freys
Blue eyes=Night King
Green eyes=Greenseer aka Bran the 3 Eye Raven

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