Captain America Hulk smushed Thanos badly

Captain America Hulk smushed Thanos badly

Out of the 4 main Avengers to face Thanos, obviously, Captain America did the Best but I would rank Hulk second to do a decent job.

Thor vs Thanos Infinity war

Thor at the beginning of Infinity War was had just got done getting beat to a pulp and Thanos albeit in armor seen to have not taken damage from Thor he might’ve done Thor flawlessly, then Thor later comes back and catch Thanos off guard with a powerful blow to the chest. I wouldn’t consider that a fight as it wasn’t a blow-for-blow type deal. So then Thor rematches Thanos in Endgame and even with the power boost Thor really doesn’t do much against him, the battle favored Thanos the entire time.

Thor disarms Thanos then Thanos disarms Thor and just beat him senseless and almost killed him with his own weapon, he got 0 hits in. Thor attempts again this time with Rogers coming in to help and again it fails he got no hits in, Thor trying his absolute best to overpower Thanos yet Thanos with 1 arm is holding him off.

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Captain America Hulk smushed Thanos badly

Ironman vs Thanos Infinity War

Against Ironman in Infinity War, I don’t believe Thanos was actually putting in any effort, or at least he was entertaining the battle. He was letting Stark get in hits on purpose because he already had it made in his mind he was gonna kill Stark had not Dr. Strange interfered. Thanos was toying with Stark up until he made him bleed a drop of blood because after that moment he completely destroyed Stark and made it obvious he had no chance from the beginning.

Thanos let Stark do his best because he and Stark are cursed with knowledge. He respected him on that level in addition to the respect for his efforts. Then comes Endgame and he wastes 0 time in knocking out Stark again making it clear they are not on the same level nor even close. This time Thanos doesn’t have the soul stone so he doesn’t know Stark so he has no respect for him and treated him disrespectfully.

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Captain America Hulk smushed Thanos badly

Hulk vs Thanos fight Infinity War

Hulk is the only Avenger to make Thanos seem like he’s outmatched initially, Hulk surprises Thanos when he first comes in and Hulk shoves him into the air then hits him back down then Thanos falls and rolls over. Hulk comes in with a roar and continues to punch him savagely and each punch is launching Thanos back off his feet.

Each punch is being felt despite the fact Thanos has armor and Thanos again loses his balance as Hulk attempts to choke him against a wall and it’s here we see Thanos grunts in pain before he completely washes Hulk and it’s clear Thanos is a much better fighter going after pressure points, but the main take away is Hulk’s ability to actually force a fight out of Thanos. Thor got in no hits during a fight and neither did Stark once Thanos actually fought back. Hulk and Capt were the only 2 of the main 4 to force a fight out of Thanos and Capt were only able to do it with Mjolnir so that’s an amp on his behalf.

Captain America Hulk smushed Thanos badly

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