Cochise – Red Head Lyrics, Song, MP3

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[Intro]Okay, Louis

[Verse 1]Take his ass straight to OKC
Chris Paul, I’ve been runnin’ with the thing lately, uh

Now you lonely, take your niggas’ Kony, uh
Cheese all in my pockets, I got macaroni
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, sideline seats
Where you get my email? Nigga, I don’t want your beats, uh
How you gettin’ money? Nigga, you can’t even eat
Chasin’ all my dreams, nigga, you thought I was Meek, uh
Slide with my socks, uh, pass me the rock, uh
I ain’t talkin’ Johnson, but I put her in a lock, uh
I’ve been on my Jadakiss, don’t let me get the hawk, uh
I’ve been in my zone, call up Rudy, get the Chalk, uh
Gotta hurry up because the coppers gainin’ on me
Heard he got a beef, I pull up on him like bologna
Stop that actin’ up before I pull up on your homie
Hito Hito fruit, they call me Chopper like I’m Tony

[Interlude]Wait, wait, nigga, what?
Front, why you let ’em front?

[Verse 2]Uh, sucks, uh, now you outta luck, uh
I been goin’ up, uh, juice all in my cup, uh
Sippy, sippy, sippy, nigga, I been turnin’ up
Fifty, fifty, fifty, nigga, give me all your lunch, uh
Loud pack hit his chest, uh, just like a punch, uh
She been in my crib, uh, you know that was lunch
Uh-uh, uh, I don’t mean to flex, uh
Shawty say I’m next, uh, gold all on my neck, uh
She sent me a text, uh, she was soundin’ vexed, uh
That girl is annoying, all I want is neck, uh
Pull up in a foreign, lookin’ like a Czech
Pull up and it’s roarin’ like a T-Rex, uh
Shawty said I’m borin’, I got on my specs, uh
Even when it’s pourin’, I’m still lookin’ fresh
[Chorus]Uh, yeah, pull up on the scene
I ain’t gettin’ hoes, nigga, what the hell that mean? Uh

Pull up on a nigga, you could swear I was a fiend, uh
I’m in love with money, nigga, I just love the green
Uh-uh, uh, lean, uh, I’ma do my thing, uh
God upon my side, uh, I don’t fear a thing, uh
Search a nigga up, uh, like his name on Bing, uh
I just got some drip, uh, and it was a ring

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