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why’s everybody look the same
and does this make me a liar
would it be hard to light this place on fire

there’s dirt under your fingernails
cause you have me buried alive
they’re gonna find me underneath your lies

checking the time keeps us connected
to this world where we may be rejected
it’s the worst that can happen

and I’m saying sorry waiting for you
waiting running on empty can’t feel bad
cause you have other things to do

keep putting on this show of ours
keep pushing dirt under the rug
keep me dancing dancing dancing

running out of things to care about
running out of things to care about
running out of things to care about

dance till I’m empty dance till I’m sorry
yeah you might as well just shake my hand right now
cause I have nothing against you

we are drinking perfume in your mothers closet
we haven’t left this room in so long now
keep hiding from nothing

trying so hard to hide me your nose bleeds
tell me who to be tonight, I’ll do it
you’re the liar liar liar

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