Coming Home (Losing My Heart Book 3)

The killer is still out there, but this time, Katie has the upper hand. She not only knows who he is, but who hired him. And she intends to stop them before they hit their mark.
Trading one gilded prison for another, she must do whatever it takes to survive and escape before it’s too late. Unexpected alliances form, while new enemies surface and threaten her plans. When dark secrets are revealed about her past, she vows revenge against those that wronged her deepest. Even more so when she finds out about the disappearance of the love of her life.
With the woman that stole his heart still trapped, Ramone desperately tries to reach her, while becoming a fugitive himself. He will stop at nothing to save her, even if she thinks he has forgotten about her.
Will they both be able to execute their plans, or will the killer win in the end?

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