Daenerys Targaryen revenge justified

Daenerys Targaryen revenge justified

Ladies and Gentlemen before you start bashing Dany for “Cruelty” remember how many people died from Little Finger’s Lie! Remember Roberts revenge on the Targaryens! Remember Jaime pushed an innocent boy out of a tower window! Remember Theon killed innocent farm boys and beheaded a revered Knight! Remember Ramsay Bolton fed his newborn baby brother and stepmother to the hounds and killed his father, raped Sansa and set hounds to hunt and kill innocent girls in the forest!

Remember the crowd in King’s Landing cheered to see Ned Stark Beheaded! Remember the Lannister soldiers attacking the Starks when they were drunk and unarmed at the Red Wedding! Remember Ygritte and the Wildlings sacking towns and innocent villages by the northern border! Remember the Thenns ate their victims! Remember the White Walkers killed men, women, AND children! Remember poor Rhaeghal and Viseryon!

Remember the Sand snakes killed a cripple king! Remember they sacked High Garden when only an old woman was there with minimal soldiers protecting her! Remember a pregnant woman was stabbed in the womb by Lannister orders and an entire family was wiped out! Remember the lady of the Vale killed her innocent husband! Remember the mass massacre of Roberts Bastards even babies, remember how cruel lady Oleanna killed Joffrey, remember that the NORTH REMEMBERS and Kings Landing has seen many massacres and they had it coming!

Leave my Dany alone! Just because she had a tantrum doesn’t mean she’ll be a cruel Queen! Remember she freed slaves and saved EVERY Habitants of Westeros. Dany abandoned her conquest to the iron throne to help people of the north or, in fact, she helped all of humanity. without her dragons, living people cannot stand against Night King.

This is the fact about Daenerys Targaryen and the reason you hate her right now!

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