Damien Rice – Forgotten Deers Lyrics, Song, MP3 Download

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She opens her eyes
And it is cold
And she tries to cry
But she feels too old
And I have been over this before
Now I walk between your hands
Through the loneliest embrace
Till the dregs are like an ether can

I push it aside just for
For the mate of the space within it
Replace the bedding for a fool’s
So they can spit in it
And chased it all amongst some doubt
Where the deers go to be forgotten
And placed all that I’ve become
Into a place where it goes rotten…

Oh tear
And throw this in on me, darlin’
Oh tear
Tear this and throw it all over me
Now put it all over me
All over me

And push it down
Just like a match
Burn it out
Watch the wood turn black
Then I can hold you
With my sin…
I can console you
Or help this hold?
Is it easier now?

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