Dark Phoenix a start for new X-Men universe

Jean Grey, Sophie Turner, powerful X-Men. She possesses a strength even greater than Magneto and Charles Xavier. Her unlimited power is out of control until Charles Xavier put a border Inbetween her memories and the power of Dark Phoenix. That was when she was a little girl then the bigger she gets the border becomes less effectiveness. Dark Phoenix releases whenever she is scared. This time Jean Grey won’t try to destroy El Sabah Nour instead her dark side will be redirected to her team and Friends.

Jean Grey killed her friend ao she feels sorry distrusted and fair of what is coming. Emma Frost would be a part of the X-Men universe from now on as the mastermind who push Grey Jean to accept and release the ultimate power of Dark Phoenix. Jean Grey will try to kill all X-Men starting with Magneto but what it is shown on the trailer Sophie Turner is going to kill Mystiqueactor Jennifer Lawrence. In this way, Dark Phoenix would a start to a new phase of Xmen universe where dramatic scenes take place, unlike last films which were apparently a happy ending.

See how X-Men join Marvel Universe.

Indeed, Dark Phoenix would continue the Xmen Last stand in which Charles Xavier will be killed by Jean Grey itself. Though Dark Phoenix is in e the past of the last stand. Dark Phoenix power submerges to ruin the Earth. Emma Frost guided her to abstract the power inside to control the planet. she tries to convince her that her destiny not a secret weapon in the hand of Charles Xavier.

Dark Phoenix is portrayed by Sophie turner the star of eternal show series of Game of Thrones as Sansa Stark. Sophie Turner leads a new magnificent beloved by Marvel Fans. Jennifer Lawrence contract would end after Dark Phoenix film. She started acting the role of Mystique since 2011 alongside James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. she is considered the most paid actor in the X-Men universe. 

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