Detoured by the Heart: Jake’s Wyatt Ranch Romance (Serenity Falls Book 5)

A wedding, a secret, and big family drama!

Jake Wyatt has always been the most carefree of all his siblings. Adventure, exploration, wanderlust…no one ever expected Jake to settle down and end up back in Serenity Falls. Even his contribution to the family business allowed him to jump on a plane to cross the globe at a moment’s notice. So when a beautiful and distraught young woman arrives at the Wyatt Ranch looking for Jake, the entire family gets pulled into their unexpected situation!

Jake’s heart has secretly pulled toward Mackenzie Daniels for years. But with neither of them being known as the “settling-down” type, he always chalked the feeling up to the fact that she was the only girl who had ever been able to keep up with him.

Then something happened.

One evening camped out under the aurora australis sky in New Zealand changes everything.

Before he knows it, the two of them cross the globe to visit her grandmother in the Highlands of Scotland where they both make a commitment they think means forever…until Jake wakes up to find Mackenzie gone.

Back at the Wyatt Ranch, the entire family is working to pull off the epic, long-awaited wedding of Hannah and her fiancé Rafferty! Little do they know that the woman who arrives on their doorstep is about to add an equally epic level of craziness to life on the ranch!

With twists and turns and unexpected surprises, Jake and Mackenzie must each decide the fate of the rest of their lives- and what type of adventure they are truly able to commit to.

Get ready to celebrate life, family, and choosing one’s next great adventure!

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