Doctrine & Covenants 2021: A Junior Primary Workbook for Older Kids

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Who is this for? This 212-page paperback Come, Follow Me LDS activity workbook is designed for kids ages 5 to 8 who are in Junior Primary. The only activity suitable for children ages 3-4 is the coloring pages. Children ages 5-6  will need extra help with some of the activities if they are just starting to learn how to read. Please click the author name above to find the Senior Primary Workbook which is released a week or two after this one. This is an unofficial companion to the Come, Follow Me 2021 Primary Manual that covers the Doctrine and Covenants. Each lesson includes a number of activities specifically created to reflect the teachings and values of each lesson:

  • Word Search Puzzles: each word search puzzle is based on a scripture from the lesson. Words in the scripture that are bold are hidden in the puzzle. Additionally, the first letter of each hidden word is circled inside the puzzle to help your child know where to start.
  • Word Crumb Mazes: follow the phrase through the maze to reach the end. Each phrase comes from the lesson.
  • Coloring Pages: each lesson has a coloring page suitable for the lesson.
  • Fill In The Blanks: many lessons have a fill in the blank exercise based on a scripture from the lesson.
  • Hidden Word Mazes: many lessons have a maze with a hidden word that can be colored once the maze is solved. Each hidden word comes from the fill in the blank scripture. 
  • Handwriting Practice:  a phrase from the lesson is used for handwriting practice. This is great for encouraging brain development.
  • Mystery Pictures: Words from a scripture are color-coded to make a picture your child can discover.
  • Unscramble six or seven words from a scripture. Hints are given. 
  • Word Sudoku: These simple, four-letter sudoku puzzles highlight an important word from the lesson.
  • Hidden Pictures
  • Picture Cryptograms: use the first letter of each picture to decode the cryptogram.
  • Framework puzzles: place the word from the scripture in the correct place on the grid. This puzzle is based on word length, and hints are given.

Parents, use this activity workbook to help your children work with the lesson material either during your family lesson or throughout the week. This is a great chore chart activity.

Primary teachers, stop spending hours looking for handouts each week and grab a book for each of your students.

Please note that while Honor T. Wright has gone to great lengths to make sure the content in this workbook conforms to the teachings of the gospel, this is not an official publication of the Church.

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