Dr. Strange and Multiverse of Marvel

Dr. Strange and Multiverse of Marvel

Time travel: At least 30% of people who had already seen endgame are upset about how the movie goes on with the time traveling thing. People saying it’s not accurate and stuffs. First, we don’t know that. Hell! we don’t even know if it is real or not. The movie was made to entertain the audience, not to put out possible theories to help us understand how time travel works, both the directors and the writers don’t even know how time travel works. So y’all being mad for nothing. Although, I did notice some few false with their concept of time traveling. In their theory, you can’t change the future just by going to the past and changing events from happening, right? Well, in infinity war, doctor strange viewed different realities to see if they would win and he told Tony that they only win one right?

It’d be safe to say that up until doctor strange viewed possible futures they weren’t on the path that would lead to their victory because if he hadn’t seen the future he won’t have given thanks the time stone in exchange for Tony’s life. Which means he changed something fro. The present and that present is a past to the five years time jump we got in Avengers endgame. Now, the doctor strange had already changed the present in other to reshape the future to which they win which makes the endgame theory a flop.

And also in the endgame, we see Captain America going back in time to live the life he left behind. We all saw him wearing a wedding ring right? He married Peggy, didn’t he? Something he didn’t do before when we saw the old version, Peggy. Which would mean that Peggy never got the initial life we thought she had during the whole MCU events. And since going back to time doesn’t change the future it means old man cap shouldn’t have appeared in the last scenes of the endgame. He didn’t exist in that timeline at the time and since he didn’t exist he shouldn’t have existed at that point in time as well. But he did, which didn’t make sense.

Doctor Strange, Multiverse Dealer, becomes an Avenger when Heimdall transported Bruce Banner, Hulk to the earth. Dr. Strange gives another dimension to the Marvel cinematic universe. So, in Infinity War, Doctor Strange watched the “future” and saw 14 million plus possibilities… with 1 ending in the Avenger’s victory, but what is the assurance that we, the viewers, saw the “victory” that Doctor Strange is talking about? If you remember in Endgame, Tony Stark asked Doctor Strange: “Is this it? Is this the one?”, to which Doctor Strange replied: “If I tell you what happens, it won’t happen.”

But then, why did Doctor Strange signal Tony Stark (gestured a finger, implying that this is indeed the one Doctor Strange was talking about), at which point, Stark snatched the Infinity Gems/Stones out of Thanos’ hand and then proceeded to snap. Why? Why did Doctor Strange signal Tony Stark about it being “the one”? If he did tell Tony Stark, then Doctor Strange’s vision of a future victory won’t come to pass (If I tell you what happens, it won’t happen, remember? Also, gesturing/signaling is the same as telling it with words).

The theory is that maybe Doctor Strange saw a victory where everyone lived, including Tony Stark. Maybe they defeated Thanos by a different means. Maybe Doctor Strange saw a future where he signaled/told Tony Stark how they would win and actually won but ended up with loads of casualties, etc. Or maybe he specifically saw a future where he signaled Tony Stark and Stark ended up sacrificing himself to defeat Thanos, a single, yet impactful casualty.

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