Economic aspect in Linguistic Debate

Since the protectorate, Morocco shifted from the old traditional economic system towards a modern one established by French office. Since then, the country, in private sector, deal identically to the French method including the language. “French was predominant in all active modern economic sectors as well as in education and government” (Ennaji, 2005, p.12). Whereby the French still to the day as means of communication, selling and advertising. In media, about half of the advertising taps introduced to the viewer in French. Mostly all companies in the country uses French such Renault, Maroc Telecom and Altadis.

Apparently that the Arabic and Tamazight are out the current in the private sector. In next years, the French will imply critical in exchange and trade with Europe.

All attitudes mention clearly that the race toward progress would ask an enliven language that serve the trade matters in all around the globe. The mandarin language, for instance, is most spoken in the world, however, it could not reach the English functions, Lingua Franca. The next question reveals attitudes of respondents.

Table 11: what is the language of Morocco future?

TAMAZIGHT Arabic French Other
Respondents 10% 33% 31% 26%

Concerning the future of the country in heading towards progress and development along the way the global challenges, the ratios resound 10% Tamazight, 33% Arabic, 31% French, 26% other probably English.

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Moroccan attitudes about linguistic diversity 

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