Educational aspect of Linguistic Debate

The educational sector in Morocco knows many challenges about the language of instruction exploited. During the colonial rule, the French office imposed French as the language of instruction. Through this period, Morocco waves in European rhythms. After 1956 independence, the state adopted Arabisation in order to preserve the historical identity. Today, many views are to talk about educational system.

I will discuss about these issues through the responses of participants knowing that themajority of them represent Tamazight identity. An open question; to what extent the language delay the integration in school of children who speak Tamazight varieties as mother tongue.Through the various views, there are those who agree that the differences of the language are the core of instruction during the primary school. The language that children have at home is different to that of school. Reactions went to the thought that lack of understanding the language which they receive the information, represent foreign language. Besides, the teachers are likely to be an Arabophone who lacks the competences of Tamazight varieties. On the other hand,children become isolated unable to obtain fully integration in Arabic and French syllabuses.Others conceive that children of Arabic and French phonological and semantics are quite hard to acquire especially at early age which may result drop out of school. Few respondents restate thatthe process of learning new codified language would lead to certain obstacles. However, they seem natural in first years. The reality provides many paradigms of Amazigh people who excel the Arabic and French. Moreover, they became writers and authors.

Table and chart 6: is language a factor causes dropping out of schools?

No Other Empty
Respondents 55% 30% 7% 8%

The number of student that dropping out of school increased according to the table 55% agree that the language causes the rapture from schooling. 30% answered that language could not be considered a main factor of this phenomenon.

Table and chart7: Does Morocco need to conduct a reform of the educational syllabuses to suit
all local culture

Yes No Other Empty
Respondents 69% 18% 4% 9%

The table and the chart indicated that the respondents, all have the certificate of high school, baccalaureate, 69% agreed that the education syllabuses should notice a reform in order to suit local cultures from north to south of the country which knows very large diversity.

Table and chart 8: Could we use Arabic as the language of the instruction of scientific subjects,
math and Physics?

Yes No other Empty
Arabic 47% 40% 6% 7%

The use of Arabic as language of instruction in scientific subject through the studies carrier 47% saw the possibility of using Arabic, language of instruction. 40% denied this case.

Table and chart 9: French language as language of instruction from the first year of primary school?

No Other Empty
Respondents 56% 30% 4% 4%

In this table about 56% agreed that the French may be used as language of instruction from the first year of primary school. 30% picked no which they preserve their language in this way.

Table and chart 10: in which language do you read?

                                Arabic French Other
Respondents 15% 35% 14%

Again, the ratios of the table and the chart reflected that the majority read literature in Arabic knowing that all departments in the University of Moulay Ismail acquired in Arabic except the French and English department. 35 % stressed French. 14% choose other probably they means English.

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