Game of thrones season 8 episode 5 live stream

game of thrones season 8 episode 5 live stream
What is it true Night King is coming Back in Episode  5?

Things are going more interesting as Game Of Thrones FANS are expecting Night King to come back. WIth the following theories that strongly believe that Night King is gonna back.

Interesting things that we have noticed in Game of Thrones Series:

Theory #1: Bran Stark is the Evil and He is the Night King. So, If Bran is alive then the So-called Night king is alive. The Night King & the Army of the Dead are of the GoT biggest mysteries. The HBO is also producing Prequel of Game of Thrones( 10000 years back of White Waker’s story). So what you think they wrapped it up in one battle? What were all the visions of Kings Landing covered in snow & ice? all the new tantalizing information of the Night King & his abilities? it’s not over or is it?

Theory #2: I think Night king is not dead because what is dead may never die. What we can expect Khaleesi and her dragons on reaching kings landing meet Cersei Lannister and the Night king have teamed up waiting for them.

Game of thrones season 8 episode 5 live stream

Theory #3: The Night King is not dead. He is living inside Jon Snow. Melisandre did not revive Jon when he was dead. The Night King awaken him. The Night King had multiple opportunities to kill Jon and didn’t. or Melisandre bright Jon Snow back from dead as the chosen one to kill/ defeat the Night King but in EP3, you show something different.

Theory #4: I still think that the mark that the Night King left on Bran’s arm will mean something. Maybe a part of him lives in Bran? What do you think? The Producer of Game of Thrones “D. B. Weiss” has a clue for you. Just 35:10 (of below video). It is possible that Vlariyan Stell Dragor can kill Night King. Figure out yourself, I am not going to tell you.. and smile.. (oh. this is a hint I guess).

What do you think?

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