Game Of Thrones seson 8 ep3 was Perfect

Game Of Thrones seson 8

So, I understand why so many people didn’t like the episode. Most of the complaining I see is about the NightKing death, how it happened too easy, wasn’t complicated enough. Let me explain why it was perfect.

Melisandre started the show thinking that The Prince Who Was Promised was Stannis, and the Great War in the snow victory she saw was the war for the IT. It took Stannis being defeated and killed for her to question her faith. Then the LoL enabled her to bring Jon back. That’s when she knew she had been wrong on every level. She finally figured out her purpose. After she brought Ice and Fire together, she went to Volantis, where she dove back into her faith. She knew she would need it, and that her role in the Great War would be critical. And it was.

Cut to when Sam was in the Citadel studying. The book where he found the Dragonglass at Dragonstone also had a drawing of the Cat’s Paw Dagger. So right then you should have known that it was going to be as important as Dragonglass. When Bran handed the Dagger to Arya, it pretty much cemented that the Dagger was going to be the thing to end the NK. Meanwhile, the NK, being a green seer, got himself a dragon and a huge army to come to kill Bran, (aka third eye raven) to be able to get rid of humanity, and any memory of it. Guy thought he was unstoppable.

Here’s where I think the end of the NK was perfect. Remember when he walked up on Bran and they stared each other down? I think Bran clouded his thoughts just long enough for Arya to get by his generals. Remember the NightKing thinks for the entire AotD. That is how Arya got past the generals, and able to kill the NightKing. The show never really said WHAT would kill the NightKing. The only person to know what would do it was Bran. But he couldn’t tell anyone because it would have changed the entire battle.

What’s Bran good for now? Only everything. He is the world’s memory.

Anyway, the lack of hubris on the NK’s part is what got him killed. And if you can’t appreciate everything that leads up to and including his death, then maybe you aren’t as big a fan as you think you are. Bonus reasons that it was perfect: Beric being brought back so many times. The Hound not dying and opening his heart enough to learn about the LOL. Melisandre coming back for the battle. Syrio Forel, for teaching Arya how to be stealthy. Jaqen for teaching her to be an assassin. Ned for letting her be the tomboy she was.

All of these people contribute to Arya being able to kill the NK. His death wasn’t too quick, or easy, it just took years of fate to perfect. Jon had to die for Melisandre to renew her faith. And he was stabbed in the heart. Didn’t forge Lightbringer, but was another way D&D used the prophecy to bring Arya to her destiny.

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