How To Earn Money eBay 2021

How To Earn Money eBay 2021, in the 2021 world of course most of us need to pay for fees of the school which our children didn’t intend and pay for the car insurance that we didn’t drive. that creates confusion in our life especially if you are from those whose trade is stopped because o covid19. Thus we need to cover the dispenses of daily life.

eBay is one of Alibaba’s magical gates in Persian cultures. eBay offers you the chance to make about 2000 USD in a month working only one hour from home.

Through eBay you can sell you homemade accessories or the home garden tool that you don’t use any more.

Create your eBay account in (1 minute)

Creation en eBay account is the simplest task you can do as online marketers .

create an account on ebay with:

  • Fill in your full name.
  • Enter your email ( Gmail, Yahoo, or any email you have )
  • Enter your password.

2nd Method to create an account

Creating an account directly thought your Gmail , Facebook or apple mail

How To Earn Money eBay 2021
How To Earn Money eBay 2021

List Your product (2 minutes)

Now you need to list articles to sell:

  • Search for winning products on Aliexpress Walmart or Amazon.
  • List them by filling in information about your product.
  • Set a suitable price then. wait for 24 hours.
  • Confirm your number phone
  • Confirm your payment method
How To Earn Money eBay 2021 create ebay account
How To Earn Money eBay 2021

I am sure you will get your first sale that was my own experience with eBay. it was really magical Abracadabra

Ship the product to your Buyer ( 20 mintues )

Once you get your first sale, send a confirmation message to your buyer.

  • Take the information of your buyer.
  • Search for the product on Aliexpress or Amazon or Walmart.
  • Choose the best price and good quality product. pay the price.
  • Enter your Buyer information.
  • Take the Tracking number.
  • Send it to your buyer.
How To Earn Money eBay 2021 eBay online free
How To Earn Money eBay 2021

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