How to make a girl love you 2021

How to make a girl love you ?

A week ago, I watched Dr.Doctor, who interviewed the prisoner Michel, who married more than 30 women and set up the accounts of more than 20 girls.

When the moderator asked him about the secret of women falling in love with him, he replied: “All I have done is talk about women all the time. I make them feel important, and I do it honestly.

How to make a girl love you 2021
How to make a girl love you 2021

He said: You have to be an attentive listener to the words of your girl “do not speak much…just ask ” make your way of talking to her mostly questions about herself and her character (what she likes, what she hates and so on .. ), And remember that women love the person who tries to write them, trying to understand them, and knows of the finer details about them .

“Women love to talk a lot, and the more you give your girlfriend a chance to talk, the more chances you have of getting her heart,” he said.

I would like to point out that our topic will be divided into two parts, the first if you know this girl and talk to her beforehand, continue reading the topic, but if you have never spoken with this girl before Fergie move on to the next topic : How to talk with a girl for the first time, then you can go back to

Now let me explain to you the most important things you’ll need to win your girl’s heart. :

Caring for women

A wise man should know that a woman is a tender and delicate being. She needs to be treated like a child at times, but at the same time, she wants a firm and reliable man.

Attention is the key to a woman’s heart, and by taking the shortest path to her heart, a woman always desperately needs to feel that someone cares about her and cares about her feelings, an interest that satisfies her female needs.

One of the reasons for the success of the famous lover ”casanova” with women, was that he cared intensely about the woman who was with him, even the wife of the politician ”Marshall”, he did not give up on her. that was the reason why she loved him and ran away with.

One day her phone rang while she was with her husband – the caller was “Casanova” – he told her: Peacock bird is out your house, get out to watch it.

Simple things like this would have made the wife of a famous politician fall in love with someone as simple as Casanova and run away with him .

Try to take care of the following things: :

  • Remember her date of birth.
  • Grieve for her grief and be happy for her joy.
  • Bring her a flowers bouquet or a piece of chocolate every now and then.

All these things express how much you care about them.

Be a good listener.

If you want to make your girl fall in love with you, you need to be a good listener .

Listen to her thoughts and show interest in her stories. Be a good listener and showed her that you care about what you feel, try to maintain eye contact between the two of you continued talking eagerly and tell from time to time the words “Ah” and”yes” and”already” and repeating what you are saying and then show him that you listen to it attentively and with concentration .

He tells that the famous lawyer “Nicholas”, invited to a dinner party, and there was a beautiful brunette girl sitting alone, addressed to her and exchanged conversations, when she knew that he was a lawyer and traveled to several parts of the world, she mentioned to him that she recently traveled to Korea smalea .

He marveled, North Korea !! I was hoping to visit them, lucky you, please talk to me about it .

She took 30 minutes to speak, in which she did not ask him about the countries he visited, she did not want to hear his stories, all she wanted was someone who would listen to her speech, and she got it .

In the end, he got her phone number, and a date to meet again, and you know the conclusion of the story .

Talk to her as she pleases.

The same applies to your girl, if she does not discover the topics that interest her and her enthusiasm from the beginning, she will not be able to keep up with them, win her heart or achieve your goal.. The nature of the human psyche tends to love people with the same intellectual tendencies, so try to find out about it .

The best example of who applies this step is the famous womanizer “David ” as anyone who reads his biography, will be amazed at the diversity of his ideas and the breadth of his tricks, David paid close attention to the woman with him, whether the girl from the common people, the aristocracy or the rural girl, he was talking to her in the

If an aristocratic girl was interested in painting, he would sit down to read about the two most famous painters, and so on with all the girls ..

Devi’s strategy in making any girl fall in love with him was based on the principle of collecting information about his victim, where he would sit for hours reading about the topics he thought were of interest to the girl who would be with him, Devi knew that the key to a woman’s heart was to talk to her about the things

You can find out what your girl is interested in by visiting her Facebook profile and looking at her interest, such as the movies she watched, the songs she listened to, her hobby .


Trust is the foundation where it all starts. It is a point at which the girl concludes that this man is self-confident, he knows what he wants, is able to lead her to try new things.

A) when I mean “sure of himself“, I mean that when you decide to make a decision, you adhere to that decision with a full-strength thinking:”this decision is right.” Of course you will not be “right” all the time, you may even get lost, which is good as long as you can confidently say “I don’t know.” Or ” I’ll examine the answer by going to X, reading Y, etc …”

Yes, many men thought that you should be perfect and know everything. Wrong. If you can make your mistakes and you are confident enough to admit them, you are different from many other men: most men do not admit their mistakes, and if they do they express their mistakes in a very submissive way.

Remember though that a confident man who makes mistakes, always learns from his mistake and does something about it.

B) please do not think “he knows what he wants”, necessarily means that he must have an accurate plan for his life. , It means that you have an idea (ideas) ready for development.

It’s this experience or this campaign forward with these ideas that will convince you to know what you really want. For example, if one of your “desires” is to make money, then by pushing yourself to create a business, find a job, go to school to get acquainted with business, whatever … show the girl that you are doing personal things outside of what you want.

The man who pushes himself forward, trying to figure out what he really wants in life, is a confident man. However, these point to the text: it is better to have a stronger idea of what you want after numerous experiments carried out, the girl is not attracted to men are dreamers .

Be a good-looking person.

We all agree that appearance is the first thing that a girl looks at when she meets a man and no one lies to you and says otherwise or that the essence is more important than appearance, although this is somewhat true but how will her impression of your essence when she is not already convinced of your appearance.

I’m gonna ask you a question between you and me, what’s the first thing you see in a person when you meet him? Leave you the answer, we do not mean appearance to be handsome in a large degree, and remember that the concept of beauty varies from girl to girl, just make sure that your appearance is tidy and smell smart and remember that your interest in your appearance and your elegance increases the chances of your girl liking you .

Try bathing daily, choose stylish clothes, add it and take care of The Shape of your hair, put a little light fragrance on your clothes, try to show your elegance to be attracted to you .

Remember that the first thing that catches the attention of some women is the beard, the teeth, and then the hair .

Be a man.

Be a man in every sense of the word .. You and I know very well that masculinity is one of the basic things that a girl looks for in any man, all girls have a desire to feel safe and that they are in good hands, that you will be able to defend and fight for her, God forbid, and to be convinced that her man has a strong personality and presence in front of others

How to make a girl like you talking.

Try to be demure in your words, not your voice and don’t change the tone, as does some of today’s youth, and stitch your eyebrows, and smiled from time to time .

Let your style be smooth in talking, do not discuss a topic you do not know well, do not interrupt her speech if she replies to you, do not tell about your problems and do not criticize people, try to look Independent in your thinking different from others, and use examples and stories in your garden .

Try to ask her open-ended questions such as: how did you spend your day, Why do you like reading etc., and try to avoid closed questions that usually end with yes or no such as do you like sweets, etc.

Look into her eyes.

A recent study has revealed that those who look into the eyes of their moccasins have an incredibly high percentage of feeling connected with each other, because of the ability of the eye to activate the Centers of intimacy and memory in the brain

Another study found that the ability to make eye contact with the other party sent letters to the blood of the recipient you’re sure of yourself, reversed the reduction of the eyes, which means that you are a person claiming by context.

Seriousness and wit

Try to combine seriousness and wit the woman adores the man who makes her laugh, may spend with you a lot of time listening to jokes and your party, what makes women admire you and relate to you, women naturally love laughter and wit.

In a recent study conducted by German scientists on a group of women offered them a different set of images of men in different positions, and women were asked to choose the most serious men they think, and the result was that most women chose images in which men looked more serious, and moved away from images in which the man looks very friendly.

We do not mean this study to be a serious man in all aspects of his life with the girl he loves, but he has to work with the best things in the middle so that combines seriousness and wit.

Flatter her from time to time.

Who among us does not like compliments, especially women, try to compliment her every now and then the compliment is one of the best ways that make a girl think about you indirectly, as she will think about your compliment to her form all day, try to make your praise clear and direct and do not make your praise limited to her form only but praise

For example, tell her ” you look beautiful today ” or ” your hair looks beautiful ” or ” you are smart ” etc .

Make her jealous. how to make a girl love you

If you want your girl to be jealous of you, you have to make her see you talking to other women in public, which provokes her jealousy and anger greatly, also do not answer some of her calls sometimes and turn off your phone for a while not simple and then open it, and pretend that you were busy with other things.

Other tips you can follow to make a girl love you

Believe in yourself, do not let the dream of having your beloved girl is your highest wish and goal. this how to make a girl love you.

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