How to Write an English Essay.

Finally you got here, you are most welcome. I believe that my website has problem with search engines, however I am glad you are here. How to Write an English Essay.Writing skills require little bit of hard work. Still, don’t bother yourself with these words. First of all, never stop writing no matter what is the obstacle that blocks you.
Writing is process of quantity not quality especially in the first stages. Let’s consider you spare time thinking about Shakespearean words you will waste much time without achieving touchable progress and that upset you. No matter what culture you are, even though you are from Britain or America, thoughts become demand in this while. Brainstorm all you background, idea, keywords. Write them aside in block or list. At this level, you brainstormed about five six idea. Now, see which one you find it interesting to start with. 

At this time you have chosen decent ideas that suit your arguing. at most, pick three blueprints. For example;

I am about discussing Black Thursday. After brainstorming I have come to these points:
  • Currency declines
  • Inflated production
  • Peace economy choice in Europe
  • Nazis party
  • Low wages
  • Inflated stocks
  • Frequent production
  • Poverty
  • Immigration
I am going to choose Blueprints that serve my goal accurately while others maybe I can use them as sub-blueprint.
Now that I have come so far I start drafting my essay, but first, I should know how many paragraph I am asked to write. If they are asking five or three paragraphs apparently they are not the same. Three paragraphs include introduction development and conclusion whereas five paragraph essay embraces introduction three paragraphs in development and conclusion. In this shape, they are not going to be the same in the structure and the number of words indeed.
Introduction mainly includes hook, definitions, and blueprints or questions. Let’s go step by step.

Hook is a statement which attracts readers to continue reading your essay. Simply, with the hook, you keep readers fascinated of your content. Then, you may deliver them your insights calmly. For instance, ‘’ Black Thursday, big lie of Americans’’. Definitely this hook is going to create suspense of readers to get curious about knowing why it is a lie.

Definitions belongs to your topic, stay focused on the main point. Write concise clear words that give explicit idea about the topic. Read about little bit about the topic on google. However, do not copy and paste this is will become plagiarism. Yet, if you are at primary levels of learning writing, It is fine to get some idea from other under the conditions of paraphrasing sentence in order to fit your content.
After sifting most interesting ideas write them as blueprint in order to discuss them later in development. For instance ‘’ direct reasons of black Thursday can be divided to three point; Currency declines, Inflated production, taxes on foreign exportation.” This is an example you can think about better choice and words.
Within development, start with first blueprint. Write loosely about each point using three methods explanation, illustration and stats if possible.  Either you are writing three paragraphs or five paragraphs keep to the rules. Through each paragraph of the body, use topic sentence and supporting sentences. During drafting go forth and back between illustration and stats. NB; write a lot, then sift after.

Charles Lipson stated in his book (how to write a BA thesis) “For God sake, proofread your draft”. When you have done writing, reread, rewrite, check spilling your draft. Keep in mind most successful people in life are hard workers and intelligent people.

In conclusion restate your introduction, drop result, pose clarification, question, or give personal view, last point is not recommended because diversity in ideologies.

I hope I have given you some interesting thoughts in order to help get progress in writing tasks.
How to Write an English Essay.
See you in the sample of what we have seen.==》》 Wall street black thursday

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