I hate holidays I love studying, learning process tips

The learning process is acquired intensively in the last decade where most of the attained job opportunities are linked to high diplomas delivered by universities. Students everywhere around the globe attempt to maintain the abilities of learning skills through reading learning process tips.

The mental state of the student is highly changing from one mood to another. I worked part-time job tutoring students with different levels; high, middle and primary school. I have frequent notes, regrets, and wishes. Student of graduating year stated << I hate studying this subject of history, it is so boring>>. Another student first middle school shouted << I don’t need any more extra hours, I find it unexciting>>. While others drop out in a short time after being so excited in the first days especially learning foreign languages such as ENGLISH and FRENCH.

For god sake, believe me, there is no shortcut in the learning process as well as all matters in our life. All processes depend on the hard-working discipline in every single day. It is not limited to a couple of first day’s discipline. I could tell you this is a simple task. Still, after giving 100% in work through the month, do not think that you are fully completed hard work.

Save a lot of time to revising, reading and writing about books articles and reviews. Keep in mind the goal you wish to achieve after all you are not going to be a student for the rest of your life. one day, you will be asked to fulfill your natural desire as well as you thought and hopes. And there is one single way to reach that is to be fully focused on studying. I believe that studying is not only about getting jobs in the future, yet, it makes your thinking wider enlightened to serve noble ideas.

I hope that I have delivered you some insightful thoughts that would enliven your brain and the way you start tomorrow as a new adventure of living.

NB: the most thing I hate in my life is HOLIDAYS

I hate holidays I love studying, learning process tips

2 thoughts on “I hate holidays I love studying, learning process tips

  1. Rum Tan says:

    Wow. The title of this blog attracts me read the whole blog. Mostly students like holidays and hate studies.Less number of students can say like this. This is well said that "Students everywhere around the globe attempt to maintain abilities of learning skills through reading learning process tips".Amazing and impressive blog. I will share these tips with my students as well. Hope they will also learn from this learning tips.

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