It is shameful to hear women voice on Radio!!

Once upon the time, in the middle east was prohibited to hear a woman voice out loud. Can you believe that! Just like in other territories of the globe, a woman cannot conduct many activities even in emotions. In Europe, the woman takes the heritage of her father, cannot keep her name’s father and cannot get out of the house at night.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, in December 14-A a few months ago a delegation of religious leaders, teachers and judges appeared before Prince Faisal in Jeddah to protest the use of women’s voices by a national radio network, in their view, this was shameful. Human norms are repeatedly memorized by daily practice and use. In such a community, people produce views addressed in a way where category influenced badly especially a woman.

Speaking about Saudi Arabia of the time, a norm had become a rule. So that revealed a paradox among teachers and religious men. After all, had spoken, Prince Faissal declared that he was as good a student of the Islamic religion as anyone present and that he recalled that the PROPHET MOHAMMED had delighted in recitals of a poetess named AlKhamsa.‘’ so what is so shameful about women’s voices now?’’ 

By uttering these words crowd started to rethink the perception in which they have come with this argument. Spirits shook to unfold hidden truth beneath mass beliefs. Then, to the consternation of the Shelks, he announced that in a few months they would not only be hearing women’s voices but also would be seeing their faces on something called television.

So the Prince Faissal expects this controversy among upper students of Islamic religion and also ordinary people. Yet, today is mainly plain to hear women voice or even see her in trouser talking on the television.

An article from the New York Times 1920 spoke about Saudi men protesting because they hear women voice on the radio. Radio is first stepping to move toward modernization, By Dana Adams Schmidt.

It is shameful to hear women voice on Radio!!

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