Keala Settle – The Negative Lyrics, Song, MP3

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[BECKY, spoken]Jenna, time to pee on a stick!

[JENNA, spoken]I don’t wanna know. 

[BECKY]C’mon honey, you’ve waited long enough

[BECKY & DAWN]Get to it and do it

[JENNA, spoken]Okay girls, enough!

[BECKY & DAWN]You know what we mean

[DAWN]I hope you drank enough this mornin’

[BECKY]C’mon sweetie, it’s better to know
We’ll be right here with you so

[DAWN]It’s no or it’s yes
But either way you gotta take the test
[BECKY]A squat and a squeeze
A prayer and a please
It’s nothin’

[DAWN]A stick and a line

[JENNA]Just one of ’em – if I’m lucky

[BECKY & DAWN]A pot and a piss
Here we go sis
An’ we’ll keep our focus on

[JENNA, BECKY, & DAWN]The negative!

[BECKY, spoken]Read the instructions

[DAWN, spoken]Se puede saber la duración de la-

[BECKY, spoken]English!
[DAWN, spoken]Do not insert the test stick into your vagina. 

[BECKY, spoken]Wooow. Thank you, Dawn. 

[JENNA]How’d I ever get myself in this mess?
One drunk night an’ that stupid red dress

[DAWN, spoken]Aw, I love that red dress! The way it sparkles, it looks like a ice-skating outfit!

[BECKY, spoken]Ugh, stay with us, Dawn!

[DAWN]Maybe his machinery is broken somehow?
What if his boys don’t swim, I mean, wow!

Miraculous luck!

[BECKY, spoken]Damn, miraculous!
To get away with an unprotected fu-!
[JENNA]Funny how one night
Can ruin your whole life

[BECKY & DAWN]Don’t go there yet
We don’t know what the test says

[JENNA]I’m already panicked!

[BECKY, spoken]Just calm down, god damn it!

[DAWN]Maybe it’ll all be fine

[BECKY & DAWN]Maybe there’ll be just one line

[JENNA, BECKY, & DAWN]Come on, negative!

[DAWN, spoken]I thought you don’t sleep with your husband much anymore?

[JENNA, spoken]Well, I – (sigh) he got me drunk. I do stupid things when I drink, like — sleep with my husband. 

[BECKY, spoken]Honey, we’ve all made that mistake!

[JENNA, BECKY, & DAWN]Focus on the negative!

[BECKY]This will all be alright

[DAWN]It was only one night

Send me a sign

[BECKY & DAWN]One line

[JENNA, BECKY, & DAWN]One line

[BECKY & DAWN]That means the test is ready
This is it…

[JENNA, spoken]…shit 

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