Legend of Azor Ahai – Prophecy Game of throne

Legend of Azor Ahai - Prophecy Game of throne
Legend of Azor Ahai – Prophecy Game of throne
Let me tell you why Game of Thrones is ruined now.

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Rhaegar Targaryen as a boy never used to touch a sword or a lance. Then, he read somewhere that Azor Ahai/The Prince or Princess that was promised was to come from Aegon V’s succession line. The Witch that Jenny of Oldstones brought to court with her told this. Prince Rhaegar learned about it.
Now, many are gonna say prophecies are a dangerous thing and are not important in George’s books or Arya is the princess that was promised. First of all, the entire saga of Game of Thrones happened because of that prophecy. Second of all, Arya doesn’t fill any of the requirements to become the Princess that was promised.
Rhaegar, the boy who loved to read books and sing started learning to fight just because he thought he was the Prince That Was Promised. Then, he thought one of his children will become the Prince or Princess that was promised. He had one daughter and one son with Elia Martell. But, he knew the dragon had to have three heads. But, his wife Elia Martell couldn’t bear children anymore because of an incident.
So, Rhaegar needed someone else to bear his third child. Rhaegar then met Lyanna Stark at the tourney of Harrenhal. At the feast that night, Rhaegar sang a song and that made even the She-Wolf weep. Lyanna fell in love with Rhaegar that night.
Rhaegar took her to the Tower of Joy almost 1 year later after the Tourney but everyone thought Rhaegar kidnapped her. That’s how Robert’s rebellion began. How many people had to die just because the song of ice & fire had to be born? There would’ve been no rebellion, the Targaryens would still be on the throne if only Rhaegar didn’t fell in love with Lyanna. But, he knew he had to. The son of them carried a song with him, the song of ice & fire.
That song now holds no goddamn value. Who to blame? You simply can’t argue by using the logic that prophecies don’t mean shit. Without the Azor Ahai prophecy, there would be no Game of Thrones and they destroyed that storyline in the lamest way possible.
If you are a casual fan, you can be okay with that. But, I can never be okay with how they turned the show I once loved to something I can hardly recognize.

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