Let me tell a story of how differentiate Nature and Function

Differentiate between Nature ana fonction of the word in French language.i have already mention the relevance of this topic in previous article so as to widen the image of french language and as well. Well it is evident that you have some ideas right now about how is going to be our story ( it is lesson but i would like to name it story ) nature and function. 

We pretty sure that in our mother tongue we know that nature is somehow invariable unless in some cases (it is called grammatical classes) while function variate as the word takes divers orders in our sentences. 

An example: 

Let s see the Fox ( le renard ) in these two sentences. 

– I see a fox (Nature ” noun ” and ” object “)

– I see fox channel (Nature ” Noun ” and Function ” determinant – adjective”)

You got it!! It is obvious rule in language to have a word of certain class put the jacket of other class with our speeches. 

It is identical to that in french but let me tell you something about our two elements of talk. NATURE OF THE WORD means the origine of word and its family. Just like Obama the ex president of united states, the first dark-skinned president in history of american presidency, the first power of world since 1930s of last century. It is great, isn’t? Mubarak Obama’s father is from Africa before he came to united states. Well Nature is what identify the word from other words. The game of colors allow us to see yellow, red, blue, green unless they look different and each one of these colors stand alone. Humans are also ones to differentiate their nature. For example, Clare is from the south mexico city and John from ouest cost while Hamid is from Qatar middle east. In fact these should have this definition to continue exist among others. That what define the Nature of words either in English or in French.

Let me tell a story of how differentiate Nature and Function

Let me introduce you the explaining in french to habituate the french expressions. << Alors mes amis je vais parler en pluriel parce que la langue français respecter cette difference de sex féminin et masculin mais pour simplifier la tache j’explique en s’adressant le pluriel. la nature ou bien les categories, les classes des mots sont huit; le nom, l’adjectif, l’adverbe,verbe, la preposition, la conjunction, le determinant, le pronom. il existe parmi ces classes ceux qui sont variable et les autres qui sont invariable (you see invariable is like French). Donc, les mots invariable ne changent et ne s’accordent pas ni en genre ni en nombre. Un exemple des adverbes sont constants; ma mère parle rapidement, elle essaye en vain , nous supportons notamment les enfants abandonnés. ces trois adverbes reflètent le grammatical changement qui n’arrive pas a affecter la classe d’adverbe. autant que on a d’autre classes qui changent avec l’alternation de sujet ou le complement et ça depend de contexte. on parle ici de NOM et Adjectif. 

  • la fille blanche
  • le garcon blanc

A cet exemple on a totalement changé les trois classes d’un genre vers l’autre. je t’explique. il s’agit ici de la transition de féminin ( female ) vers le masculin ( male ). Alors de l’autre coté lors de pluriel on ajoute “s” ou “x” et c’est le cas general du pluriel on certain exceptions comme canal canaux. voila des exemples avec la structure de ( NOM + ADJECTIF) en pluriel:

  • les filles blanches
  • les hommes nombreux

Well this story of male and female i am going to tell about it later. don’t worry our movie start and finish with both of us.

I am sure that you taste the french mentality, the way they move tongue and lips while speaking, isn’t it !!

As a result talking about variable and invariable, we set that there are grammatical classes which don’t change such as adverbes and other classes change such as Noun and adjective. and by the way, it is the same situation in English Grammar.

Let’s move on now to understand the function, function stand for the profession ( ce qu’on appelle en français “le metier”) of men in daily in supermarket, companies, driving vehicles, teaching. so it has relation with the rule completed in the sentence or speech. it can answer these questions; who does the verbe to whom, how, when, where, above, below, beside, against, inside, within. all these expressions reflects the function of words at the time of writing.

Well the following are the functions in french grammar, we are going to see just 3 three functions

  1. Le Sujet
  2. Le prédicat
  3. Le complement ( COD, COI, CCL, CCT, CCM, CCQ…)


le jeune homme change la jacket noire

LE JEUNE HOMME: est un Groupe Nominal qui représente la fonction de sujet

CHANGE LA JACKET NOIRE : est le Prédicat qui compose de Verbe et le complement d’objet direct.
NB: we could have the same noun with different function it depends on the order in the sentence. I can say for exemple; le chat marche, ici le chat est un sujet, la fillette fouette le chat, au deuxième cas le chat est un complement d’objet direct.

if you prefer to watch, Video is yours YOUTUBE

you see that function changes depending on the place the words takes just like your mom work at school as teacher then a cook at home and as doctor when your sick.

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