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(Stay humble)

[Verse 1]A nigga head high, can’t slip up
These niggas mad I fucked on they sister
I cannot play as no victim
Shoot a nigga brain, we ain’t missing
Pop a couple 10, love them Percs
I spent like ten on a shirt
Run up the racks, my ex hurt
My new bitch look better than yours
I’m stayin’ in the back and don’t say shit
She suckin’ my dick in the spaceship, uh
All my hoes bad, not basic, uh
Said you love Candy, wanna taste it, uh
I’ma fuck on this broad in my mama house
Her big bro want smoke, bring that llama out
We gon’ come outside, see what you talking ’bout
Then fuck on that ho in another round
A nigga too geeked, can’t calm down
Niggas in my city think I’m on now
Rockin’ with the kid, love his song now
But last year niggas hated on it
A nigga talking bread then we on it, yeah
We not cool with niggas, y’all opponents
I don’t eat Gelato, I smoke it, uh
I’m off them drugs, I’m loaded
[Chorus]Took another Perc’ to the head
Xans for the plane now I’m scared
Drop another deuce of the red
These drugs gon’ leave me dead

[Verse 2]Smoking on dope got my eyes closed
I fucked on his bitch, I’m an asshole
I’ma get money ’til the bank gone
I make art, Candy Van Gogh
Take a nigga shit, where his bread go?
Headed to the top, I can’t let go
Stacking up racks like Lego’s
I’ll dog a nigga bitch like Petco
I’m cooling like AC
These niggas hate me
His bitch wanna date me
That nigga the fake me
I’m in the two-seater, not in no beater, it got a lil’ heater
You mad at me when your bitch is a lil’ eater
You know that you need to control alt delete her
I hop in that coupe and I’m breaking the meter
These niggas so lame and they follow the leader
These niggas take swag and I caught ’em all cheatin’
I’m hot as fuck, fuck ’round and call me a fever
Left my ex because of money, I don’t need her
Going to the bank then I walk out with racks
I love that guap, there’s no string attached
Grab the AK, I got aim with that
Me and BHUNNA don’t play about racks
Xans for the plane now I’m scared
Drop another deuce of the red
These drugs gon’ leave me dead

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