Marvel Multiverse after Endgame in Marvel Comics

Marvel Multiverse after Endgame in Marvel Comics

Ironman is not done with MCU! Stark died in the comics a lot of times only to comeback most recently in an issue of civil war 2 he had to reboot himself. In Endgame in his funeral where’s his body? At the end of credits, you can hear him hammering this signifies that he’s not done yet he’s still working on something. Even if he died Avengers has a time machine and a time stone to bring him back. And btw he still has a contract with Marvel.

Marvel Multiverse after Endgame in Marvel Comics
Captain America getting his shield broken by Thanos also happened in 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet comic series, though that time Thanos was able to punch it into pieces instead of hacking away at it with a double-edged sword like he did in the movie. When Tony brings Captain America’s shield back to him, Tony says, “He made it for you,” referring to the Dominic Cooper version of Howard Stark from Captain America: The First Avenger. Tony has kept the shield since Cap abandoned it in Captain America: Civil War.
Marvel Multiverse after Endgame in Marvel Comics
In an alternate universe where Captain America was never frozen in ice at the end of World War II, Steve Rogers and the Allied resistance fighter Agent Peggy Carter helped win the great conflict and celebrated V-Day with a private marriage ceremony. Shortly after their honeymoon, when Peggy was assigned to South Korea as part of a S.H.I.E.L.D. peace-keeping taskforce, the couple relocated and one year later welcomed the birth of their daughter Sharon. Decades later, when her father and mother retired from active service, Sharon took up her parents’ quest for peace and justice. Highly trained in martial arts and espionage, and equipped with a blaster lance and energy absorbing shield, Sharon battles evil and tyrants around the world as Captain America.
Marvel Multiverse after Endgame in Marvel Comics
The new Asgard is located in Tonsberg, Norway its the same location Odin fought the frost giants in first Thor movie its also the same location of the church where the tesseract was hidden in the first Captain America movie and the same location Odin met with his 2 sons in Thor Ragnarok. In the comics, the Asgardians had a similar colony it is floating near Braxton, Oklahoma.
Marvel Multiverse after Endgame in Marvel Comics

When Thor boarded the Benatar he said “Asgardians of the Galaxy” this is actually a brief comic series in 2018 but I think the reason Thor joined guardians of the galaxy is because of Adam Warlock teased on GOTG volume 2 build to kill them, in the comics he’s very strong the team has no chance but now they have Thor they’re similar in power, they battled several times in the comics and they also teamed up so Warlock might turn good at the end like Loki and Nebula. GOTG volume 3 will be about the team getting Gamora back and Thor vs Adam Warlock.

Marvel Multiverse after Endgame in Marvel Comics

In Ant-Man and the Wasp, neither Hank Pym nor Hope Van Dyne is happy Scott went to fight with the Avengers without checking in with them. When Scott tries to explain that “Cap needed my help,” Hope needles him about using the nickname as if he’s best friends with Captain America. In Endgame, after Hulk’s snap brings everyone back, Captain America tasks Ant-Man and Wasp with fixing the Quantum Tunnel. “We’re on it, Cap,” Hope replies, with a pointed smile to Scott.

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When Carol turns to Rhodey and gives him longer look than normal and tells him to be careful that could actually be a nod to their relationship in the comics between Captain Marvel and War Machine, we might see this in phase 4 but I think the MCU will give the fans what they want Thor as Captain Marvel‘s love interest.
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When T’Challa and Clint Barton face off in the Civil War, Clint tries to introduce himself, but Black Panther responds with an unabashed “I don’t care.” Yet, in Endgame, while they’re playing keep-away with the gauntlet, T’Challa calls Clint by name, not only he remembered his name but use it respectfully this just shows how respectful Black Phanter is to everyone and how he’s so out of character in Civil War.
Marvel Multiverse after Endgame in Marvel Comics
In Vormir Red Skull greeted Ronin and Black Widow “Clint’s son of Edith and Natasha’s daughter of Ivan” Nat said she never knew her father, is it possible her father is Ivan Vanko? On their way to Vormir Clint and Nat recalled their mission in Budapest, in Captain Marvel Nick Fury, told Carol he only works in cities that start with letter “B” are we going to see Clint, Nat, and Nick in Black widows solo movie?
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Nebula mentions that Vormir–the creepy planet that houses the Soul Stone and Ring Wraith Red Skull–is a “dominion of death” at the “center of Celestial space” which might actually be our first nod towards the upcoming Eternals movie planned for Phase 4. In Marvel comics, the Celestials are a major part of Marvel’s cosmic mythology and the beings responsible for creating the Eternals, an immortal and ageless race of incredibly powerful humanoids that Thanos himself descended from.
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There’s a lot of speculations on how B.A.R.F or Binary Augmented Retro Framing memory tech will be used in Endgame especially when a set photo of it came out, we actually saw this orange briefcase in the movie when Stark took it out of his trunk when he was giving Cap his shield. However, we didn’t see it used in the movie but it was probably used to scan the Avengers memories about their encounters with infinity stones or it was used to record his post mortem goodbye to Pepper and Morgan that projected out of his helmet later.
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When Cap went back in the 70s with Stark he wore a shirt that had name Roscoe on it which is named after Roscoe Simons Who was briefly Captain America while the hero relinquished the title to become Nomad.

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