MarveL plans After Avengers Endgame

MarveL plans After Avengers Endgame

The epic Avengers endgame was really awesome. We enjoyed watching it. After that multi questions come to our mind. Here we have dropped expected plans of Marvel studios after Avengers Endgame.

1) Next Iron-Man

Harley Keener will be the next Iron Man. I believe this because there has been no hint at Riri Williams – Ironheart. Although it would be awesome to see his daughter become the next Iron Man, I think Harley makes the most sense based on how the Marvel Comics universe has folded out. Obviously, this would be way down the road. (To those who don’t know, Harley is the kid from Iron Man 3 who helped him.)

2) Falcon and Winter Soldier

Sam Falcon will either fail or feel as though he failed and will then hand over the Captain America title to Bucky Barnes. Falcon has taken the shield from Captain America giving us the intel that he will be next Cap though it seems that Bucky will be better suited for the role down the road.

MarveL plans After Avengers Endgame

3) X-men

X-Men will be introduced to the MCU via the Ultimate Universe version. That is why it would have been a great tease to show a briefcase with let’s say Essex Corp on it and in the briefcase, there was a vile labeled X-Genome. If not, then maybe they come through via the multiverse.

4) Captain America

Hydra Captain America will be a spin-off single movie. After hearing Captain America say “Hail Hydra”, we would see in different timeline Cap acts on the evil side though it is unpleasing for the audience. It gave me chills just thinking about seeing the Hydra Cap version.

MarveL plans After Avengers Endgame

5) Mjolnir Captain America

Now seeing Captain America lift Mjolnir, I think in the next Thor movie or somewhere down the timeline, we will see either Jane Foster Thor or Beta Ray Bill. Be sure that Mjolnir and Cap won’t end here 100 hundred percent.

6) Steve Rogers stays in the past.

– Cap is tasked with returning the stones to the exact moment that they were taken. After his journeys, he decided to stay in the past with Peggy Carter. Due to this it now throws into question S.S.R.; S.H.I.E.L.D. development over the years. It is highly likely that because of his choice it has affected the “current” present timeline. Do these secret government agencies operate the same? Do we now have S.W.O.R.D.? Did it create the means to re-establish the Super Soldier program and lead to the discovery of the X- Genome? Do we have mutants now? Did the Sokovia Accords still happen? Plus many other questions. This leads me to believe that we are now in an alternate timeline which leaves the door wide open for the MCU to do whatever they want.

7) Thanos Mad Titan

 Past Thanos dies in the “current” timeline.
– Because of Thanos from the past dying in the future, it now creates a paradox of how could he have gathered the stones and performed the snap? This is a major plot hole that hopefully will get explained in the future and thus leads to us more than likely being in an alternate timeline. ** Credit to Comics Explained for this next part ** They could have had Iron Man perform the snap but instead of killing Thanos, he could have sent him back to the past to maintain the current timeline. This way the snap still happens and everything they did was the correct way to put the universe back together. (This theory was thought up only a few days after the movie and before the Russo’s interview).

MarveL plans After Avengers Endgame

8) Thanos Mad Titan

 If Thanos was not dead and according to the theory above, wisdom fo Thanos makes him a character which Avengers or guardians of the galaxy may deal with to reach the stability of the universe in another way. a personality such Thanos should be wasted just like that is really good and lovely though he is a villain.

9) Leader of New Avengers

in a case that Marvel writers after Stan Lee era would honor eternal characters of Infinity Saga, Captain America, and Iron-man, they will turn the page and start a new phase of new Avengers. this time the Godfather will be Dr. Strange wise man who got a decent sense of life. Dr. Strange has all features to lead the coming years of Marvel universe Films.

MarveL plans After Avengers Endgame

10) Hulk plans

Hulk the giant has seen enormous development since the Incredible Hulk. Truly our green Beast is no longer a beast guess what. next Hulk is a mix of Bruce Banner and the Great warrior Hulk. After loss two favorite Avengers Iron-Man and Captain America, Hulk and Thor deliver the presence of the original old Avengers. Hulk may not have a solo Film but for sure will stand aside with Dr. Strange to lead The new phase of Avengers.

11) Iron Patriot

War Machine has always been a shadow role in Avengers yet the Rhodey role is going to increase definitely after Iron-Man death. War machine may not be the next iron man but we will see a solo film for Iron Patriot telling us about his life before the Iron-Man Era. Rhodey will take command of Tony stark industries and develop his suit to have other options.

12) Avengers in past days

According to the trailer of Captain Marvel which is going to be released on 7 June, Nick Fury, Cat and Captain Marvel team in the 1970s and Captain America going back to the 1940s to join his love Agent Carter, is a sign that Avengers faces villains in the past instead of future.

What other Plans do yall have for the future of the MCU?

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