Master of Influence: Benjamin Netanyahu’s 10 Secrets of Power, Rhetoric & Charisma

The secret documents revealing how the Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu, has become a world master of influence.

Binyamin Netanyahu is one of the most prominent leaders in the history of the Jewish people. He was first elected in 1996 and holds the title of longest term in office as the Prime Minister of Israel. Netanyahu has been elected to the prestigious position time and time again in one of the toughest environments in the world, despite many objections and obstacles in his path. How does he do it? What is the secret of his power?

The ten chapters of Master of Influence reveal the methods of charisma, rhetoric, communication, and propaganda employed by Netanyahu in the form of a rare treasure of never-before revealed private documents. The reader is offered a unique look into papers Netanyahu has written before public addresses, secret telegrams he has sent, the parts he has crossed out and even body language tips he has written himself.

The Netanyahu documents expose his singular methods for shaping international public opinion, influencing American government decisions, initiating relations with Arab leaders, controlling the media, and enrapturing his Israeli voters.

The author, who worked with Netanyahu and covered him as a journalist, presents behind-the-scenes stories from Bibi’s early days as a young diplomat in New York who would practice in front of the mirror, through the story of the suit that caught fire on live television, to his fascinating relations with Trump and Biden on the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The book became a bestseller immediately after its publication and was selected as one of the four best non-fiction books published in Israel that year. It has been classified as a “must-read” for anyone who wishes to get to know Netanyahu better, to understand the Israeli culture and learn Netanyahu’s methods of influence.

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