Best Monster movie 2021

Monster movie 2021

2021 | 16+ | 1h 39m | Movies Based on Books

Monster movie 2021
Monster movie 2021

A talented teen implicated in robbery-turned-murder fights for his innocence and integrity against a criminal justice system that’s already judged him. Starring of the Monster movie 2021 is Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright. Kelvin Harrison Jr. leads this intimate drama co-starring Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and Emmy winner Jeffrey Wright.

Review From Google user:

For those of you who are watching this movie and haven’t lived thru this kind of life, I have two words, Believe It! It is too real. For those of us who have, I can tell you watching this film, you will feel your gut wrench as it brings back memories of your own experiences in life, you will be literally slapped in the face and soul with its Truth, and for lack of a different word, Realness.
I’ve seen many movies and read many books before that have unfolded the realities of how countless lives like this play out, but this masterpiece depicts us to the core!
Most people don’t realize the rules you HAVE to live by as soon as your old enough to know anything else. Trust no one, and that means not even your family, be careful who you talk to, remember that every time you go outside you risk your life, don’t call the police when you’re in trouble, because they’ll want a piece of you too, and so many more.
I’m older now, and I’m still in awe and confusion when someone hits the refresh button and talks about the injustices that have been happening recently, it has been happening for so long, how is it new news.
My review is too long and I can keep going. Point is, if the subject of this movie has never been your life, watch this movie more than twice and try to SEE. And if it has touched your life, emotions will stir, be careful, you might drown in your sorrow of memories.

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Kelvin Harrison Jr.
Jennifer Hudson
Jeffrey Wright
Jennifer Ehle
Tim Blake Nelson
Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones
Rakim Mayers
Paul Ben-Victor
John David Washington
Jharrel Jerome
Dorian Missick

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