Morgan Wallen – Broadway Girls Lyrics, Song, MP3

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(Lyrics From Snippet)[Verse 1]I met her down at Aldean’s
She said she that saw me walking in about a mile away
Bouncers had to take her phone and that just took her smile away She said I’m too drunk and crazy she don’t like the way I dance
I said you don’t have to join in
She said she’d take a chance

[Pre-Chorus]I’ve been kind of crazy ever since it went down
I get kind of lost and baby this what I found
Girls like you just want to take me around, around and around

[Chorus]There’s two things that you’re going to find out
They don’t love you and they only love you right now
If I was smarter I would’ve stayed my ass at home
And leave them Broadway girls alone
Broadway girls alone
Broadway girls alone

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