My MCU/WandaVision prediction


My MCU/WandaVision prediction…

Wanda is going Coo-Coo for Cocao-puffs. Whatever or however this “pocket reality” has been created, when it ends I believe that Vision and the Twins will disappear along with the pocket reality. Remember, that according to the sorcerers, you cannot break natural laws which is precisely what Wanda is doing now (provided that its actually her doing this) When this happens, Wanda is gonna completely lose her mind and to horrible results for everyone else.

Remember that Feige said that WandaVision was supposed to directly lead into Doctor Strange and the multiverse of Madness? Wanda is the madness, I’m guessing. But whether we’ll see her become a full on villain, or if she has a mental break and recovers later, well never know until it comes out.

Thoughts? Opinions? What do YOU think of where this and the MCU in general are headed?

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