My name is khan and I am not a terrorist

‘’My name is khan and I am not a terrorist’’ each person has seen the film have remembered by heart this words. Words enlighten brains. My name is khan a drame and romance movie that people must watch and cherish for long time. Scenes were enormously providing pure humanities in wonderful images.

Khan, portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan, the hero of the movie was mentally retarded work as beauty product marketer spending the whole day wondering between beauty shops to convince them buying his products. ONCE he fell in love of an Indian Buddhist woman, Kajol Devgan. After the event of eleven of September, extremist kids in neighborhood punished, kicked the son of indian woman until death at school. Mom got into terrible temper after losing the only child she owned. 

Mother started to blame khan for his existence inside her house as main reason why her son passed away. Besides, media rehearsed issue of Muslims inside United States which leads little understanding of retarded khan unable to handle the situation. After he got too much regrets, he decided to tell the world simple truth he believes in. he took his bag walking through each city to persuade citizen about ‘’ my name is khan and I am not a terrorist’’. He was heading to capital Washington. He saw a crowd when he got close he found that the President OBAMA talking to the world about terrorist. He took oath to tell Americans by the president ‘’ my name is khan and I am not a terrorist. He came all these obstacles to convince the world and his love that Muslims are not terrorists in addition to persuade her how much he loves her.

Customs were just fine to the context and American environment. Personalities had been formed perfectly to suit the topic. Setting are chosen very well inside United States which has had seen sad remembrance of eleven September. Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Devgan shine on through the scenes of the movie. Lastly, I would bring up the script. It was magnificent truly actions and feelings invent a real success of the film.

 I have loved this movie the way of characters spoke and moved. Film has shown tolerance of United States and to what extent they believe in diversity of humans. Especially I am fascinated of the script again which reveal a contradictory of humanity. Film addressed humanity to balance their eye sights on humans. Always there is good and evil.

My name is khan and I am not a terrorist

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