Official: Robert Pattinson Batman

Robert Pattinson Batman

Disney Comics has been weakened in the last 10 years although the high passion of people towards superpower heroes. No doubt of it that Marvel universe dominated the trade throughout 22 successful films in Box office. Most famous is Captain America: the winter soldier and Civil war, Then Avengers Endgame and Infinity war. All these epic films have surpassed 2billions dollars. Avengers endgame has done so in 12 days.

This can be only a disappointment for DC. Shazam was released in a couple few months but has no effect at all. Robert Pattinson lovely and admired face for most big screen passion people. And for that. Robert Pattinson has officially announced the coming Batman. Robert Pattinson, a magical actor is really a present for the character. His signing on to play Batman may deliver a real success to DC just he had done on twilight saga for many years.

We maybe can have a revolution of DC in the coming years. Why not! A dominance of ten years ahead just like Marvel Studios does since 2008 Ironman.

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