Only 22 percent of Female Dialogue on GOT

Although-bis, I think it’s important to have more iconic women (in the cinema industry but not only) ; there is clearly a difference between men and women, sadly, and It’s obvious, and I’m for REAL heroic female character despite what I said who can be understood like “Don’t cry you wifey it’s not because they haven’t a lot of sentences that they’re less important” because actually, well… It’s kinda that. GoT is a good show so I’m not this mad, but there’s a lot of other show who place women in an inferior place and, here, that’s a big problem for equality

I hope in the spin-off they would put an African American on one dragon, a gay native American on the other and an Asian-American woman on the third one. There must be some bondage scenes too. Abortion and climate change must be discussed. Income gap and minimum wages may also be touched upon. And compulsory universal education and “me too” shouldn’t be forgotten.
Sigh! Art cannot be some politically correct inclusive statistical report by some democratic representative institution. We have destroyed art for the sake of political correctness.

Those conversations by or between men were filled with drunk conversations before and after the battle of Winterfell, speech by Tyrion, speech by Jon, conversations between Jaime and Tyrion, conversations between Jaime and Bronn, the fight between Euron and Jaime and conversations between Tyrion and Varys and between Tyrion and Jon. Tyrion did most of the talking, really. Most of the conversations between women or with women were more meaningful but with fewer words.

Although, they’re actually the most badasses characters and the most powerful too. While Jon did cry, Sansa did what should be done, Arya was more human and Dany was – despite the common opinion – a good character. Not totally but…yeah, still

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