Passenger – London In The Spring Lyrics, Song, MP3 Download

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Oh London in the Spring
Makes me feel so lucky I’m alive
I’ve got love to give
I’ve got my whole life to live
Walkin’ through the park
Sunshine pours like honey through the trees
I belive I’m comin’ home

Well some people tell me
Have better things to do
In productive ways that
I could spend my time
But I’m not sure I agree
It often seems to me we
Spend our life, talkin’ foolish, runnin’ blind
And we forget how to enjoy the simple things
Like walkin’ through London in the Spring

Well some people tell me
The best is far behind us
It’s hopeless to be hopeful, anymore
But I’m not sure I agree
I am hopin’ love will find us
And gently guide our vessel to the show
Where there’ll be no need for beggers or kings
All equal to London in the Spring

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