Passive voice in English grammar

Passive voice use:

Passive voice is meant to:

– focus on the action rather than who does the action.
– sometimes we don’t know the subject or the doer of the action.

watch the video if you like, if you don’t keep reading:

Passive voice’s example:

active voice: John gives a book
passive voice: A book is given.

active voice: Alfred has taken a diploma.
passive voice: A diploma has been taken by Alfred.

active voice: The policeman is playing the game of thrones.
passive voice: Game of Thrones is being played by the policeman.

active voice: Hand of the king sent a letter to the wall.
passive voice: A letter was sent to the wall.

Form, Rule of passive voice:  

Subject ( object of the sentence in the active voice) + Verb to be ( in the tense of the verb in active voice ) + past participle of the verb in the active voice.

A does B
B is done by A

Passive voice’s special cases :

 Jessica writes a letter to me.
A letter is written to me.

Jessica wrote a letter to me.
I was written a letter by Jessica.

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