Perception and Rituals of Modern marriage in Morocco


– Definition of marriage

– Rituals of modern marriage

It is labelled also a civil marriage, it referees to marriage built on basically love and an agreement between woman and man for the purpose of establishing a family on the base of solidarity and respect and assistance in hard times. This marriage takes place instead of arranged marriage in which girls are pushed to accept living with another man who considered unknown to the woman let alone educational, and age differences.

Well, marriage in countries of Nord Africa who belongs to somehow same culture shared certain rituals of night wedding. In our case of study, the territory studied is morocco, so it will be the model of modern time wedding of civil marriage. After a period of engagement – dating- by the first agreement of satisfaction, man and the girl determine an exact time for the wedding including the invitation to relatives and friend.

I have mentioned this point of invitations in this model of marriage because it does present a big part of the feast. The night wedding reckoned a ceremony of tasty meals, fried chickens and Bastila, and buff with prunes. Guests bring with gifts for the honour of groom and spouse. All of guests and families of groom and spouse gather in concert hall to celebrate the accordance of two souls accompanying by musical group of folklore’s Moroccan. At the end the couple goes to the hotel or the house to spend the first night together.

Perception and Rituals of Modern marriage in Morocco

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