Perez Real Madrid Boss: Thanos of Football

Perez Real Madrid Boss: Thanos of Football

What did Perez achieve? He did nothing. He only just make the UEFA within 48 hours divulge 4 billion euros that had not been previously mentioned!

What did Perez do? He was the only man among the presidents of European clubs who asked European Union President Alexander Ceferin about his salary and whether he reduced it as Peres reduced his salary, and whether the European Union will reduce the salaries of its employees as the clubs did.

What did Perez do? He just wanted justice for you, fans of other clubs. Real Madrid Boss did not want your clubs to get the same amounts that Greece, Russia or Ukraine get from the group tournament in the Champions League, for example.

What did Perez do? Perez shed a light on financial and political matters that we do not know in the backstage of the federation. Were you happy that the clubs began to withdraw? Well, heroes, when your clubs go bankrupt like Barcelona had, support your clubs at that time because FIFA and UEFA have not supported them nether financially or even giving credits.

They drum and murmur, football is back, football has recovered, and they are absent. They do not know that half of the club employees have been dismissed, the wages of players have been reduced, and hundreds of millions of losses may have their clubs reached the state reached by Milan before it was put on public auction for a Chinese investor or an unknown investor at other times.

Perez, who mocked him, pulled the Real Madrod out of bankruptcy one day and withdrew loans from banks on his personal guarantee in order to save the his club from its crisis. As for you, let us see your club heads what they will do and how they will save your teams.

Perez whom you are laughing at now did what he did for everyone and whoever says it is for money and his personal interest only, he should review Wikipedia and some other identifiers to see Florentino’s definition of it as the “billionaire” politician. Focused, the political billionaire and not the millionaire who inherited his money from his grandfather or For bribes and embezzlement!

Perez Real Madrid Boss: Thanos of Football

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