Planets of infinity stones

Planets of infinity stones

Six infinity stones have great power enough to destroy the whole universe or reduce the half-creatures. They may vanish the entire creatures of the universe to sand if the owner of the stones wishes that. But first, the owner needs to collect infinity stones from their planets if he wants to possess this unlimited power. Thanos, Mad Titan, collected them stone by stone and reduce the creatures of the universe to half. He delivered a genocide to the universe. The question is where the infinity stones located at the first time?

The power stone that of purple color is located at the Planet MORAG. We have seen it the first time in the guardians of the galaxy. Star-Lord went there in MORAG to steal the power stone. He needed to sell it to a man named the collector. MORAG is an abandoned planet of the Marvel universe. It has none live there. unless some small beast like dinosaurs. in MORAG existed a lot of boiled fountain crawl high like volcano fire.

The reality stone is located on Knowhere. At the first, the reality stone was on the Asgard after Odin father of Thor took it from Dark Elves. They decided to bring reality stone to the collector in Knowhere. They thought a better place to save it from the villains of the galaxy. Reality stone serves to create an illusion for others as the owner wishes. He could make them feel satisfaction and happiness even though they are drawn in bitterness.

Space stone, the tesseract, is located in Asgard. Loki served himself to bring Chitauri, the army of Thanos to the Earth new york in 2012. Then he escaped again in Endgame when Avengers went back to New York 2012 to have space stone. Loki created an alternative universe to himself. So the space stone serves to travel from one planet to another in a short time. Thanos kept doing it in infinity war from TITAN to VOR MIR and then EARTH.

Time stone is located on EARTH. the sorcerer supreme of The time stone serves to control time, either traveling to past or jump to the future. Dr strange watched 14 000 000 times the future of the universe looking for what possibilities they could defeat Thanos. Thanos used the time stone to regenerate the mind stone in Wakanda avengers: infinity war. Dr. Strange can make other trucks with the time stone which nobody else can do.

Mind stone is located in Titan inside Chitauri Scepter. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner used Chitauri Scepter of Loki to create something else and Thor gave it the energy- lightning to survive. They called artificial intelligence. when he completed his development, he called himself Vision. Mind stone, vision knows the entire human history, even can make accounting-logic to solve problems and make decisions like he did in Captain America: Civil war.

where Avengers get mind stone in Endgame?
they went back to New York 2012, they took the Chitauri Scepter from Hydra while Loki ran away with Tesseract, Cosmic Cube.

Planets of infinity stones

In the end, the last infinity stone is soul stone. One of the precious stones of the Marvel universe. Thanos decided to sacrifice his own daughter for the stone. Soul stone is located in VORMIR. Gamora was the only one who knows where the stone located until she confessed to Thanos avoiding her sister sufferings. VORMIR has one habitat on it waiting for the next candidate, Red skillet. Soul stone curse cost collectors much more they imagine. In order to have soul stone shall sacrifice whom you love. In this way, Thanos os was obliged to present Gamora as a gift to the soul stone.

Gauntlet of infinity stones was forged in Nidavellir. Nidavellir planet settled by dwarfs skilled to make great powerful weapons for the galaxy armies. Thanos made the Dwarf forged the infinity gauntlet and slaughtered all his brothers and sisters.

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