Predictions for Spider Man far from home

Tony Stark made you an Avengers and the world needs that Neck Fury claimed.

A new start after Endgame with the new MARVEL Heroes. Endgame has shown that old Avengers time had gone and it is a new start for new ones. Spiderman in the Marvel universe has a different role that separated the films of spiderman. The multiverse of Marvel would be explicit in the coming films of Marvel. Spiderman thought to be a new replacement of Ironman as we see in the trailer of spiderman far from home. Tony Stark in spiderman homecoming offered petter parker a suit full of Stark technologies. Moreover, Tony Stark and Peter Parker are too close since they met in Captain America: civil war.

Spiderman and Mr. Beak mission in Far from home is to get down a beast from the Earth of another world. Fury keeps looking for Spiderman for a time to provide him this mission. Neck Fury was responsible for Peter Parker and Mr. Beak meeting. Two heroes are going to face the giant beast of the alternative Earth. Mr. Beak or Mysterio was portrayed on the Marvel comics universe as a villain now on Far from Home is on the good side.

Spiderman Far from Home gives us a notice about Thor future. He is for sure in the galaxy fighting other villains either alone or with Guardians of the galaxy. While Captain Marvel, Nick Fury said, is no available. She is traveling far away from Earth to protect far galaxies. According to neck fury words, there is no doubt that the new hero of the earth is Spiderman. Petter Parker becomes the main piece of the Marvel universe. He believes that the world needs a new spiderman however neck fury has great hope in Peter Parker.

Peter Parker love story of MJ is back again. As long as spiderman struggle for his love, this chapter honored the story of the young man. After he lost the girl in homecoming, now the little girl, Jean is his new girlfriend.

Multiverse gate on spiderman far from home could open the opportunity for some old Avengers to return again especially those with young age. I am talking right here about Natasha Romanoff, Black widow and nearly steve rogers, Captain America l. For Ironman, there is no chance for him.

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