Promise to Keep it Trill

Makayla always knew, with Jason’s lifestyle, he would eventually be murdered or sent to prison for the rest of his life. That was the price most paid when they gave their souls to the streets. When Jason’s crimes finally caught up with him, he made his best friend, Kannon, promise to look after his heart in human form – Makayla. Years pass, and Kannon comfortably rules Jason’s empire… getting close to Makayla and her secret love child in the process.

When Jason finds out he and Makayla conceived a son their last night together, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to regain his freedom – even if that means becoming an informant. That choice puts a target on Jason’s back that forces him and his family to flee. Though Makayla is happy Jason is out, she finds herself struggling between rebuilding a family with him and missing what she had back home with Kannon.

Bodies drop by the dozens in an attempt to lure Jason back home, forcing him to face the consequences of his choices. With Makayla caught up in a love triangle, she has to choose between her past with Jason or the future she saw with Kannon. After love, betrayal, and murder… the trio of friends learn what it really means to keep it trill.

*Please note: This is a 74,000-word URBAN romance standalone.*

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