Questionnaire about Moroccan attitudes on Marriage



– Introduction to the topic
– Results of the questionnaire
 – Conclusion contains an analysis of the answers


During Pre-History period until the moment of drafting this research, man preserve the tradition of conjoining male and female in the institution of marriage. It has transformed through times and territories from east to west, south and north. Apparently, Islam influenced this tradition by permitting polygamy for the purpose of limiting to rate of slavery among slaves at that era. Polygamy took different forms in Europe and east of Asia.
in modern times, women revolutionise the history direction towards a brilliant, promising future, idea which pushes man to reconsider his perspective into woman entity. Woman move to exhibit as body and mind not only a body for biological needs. Nowadays women have achieved an immense evolution within man world. She works doctor, professor, teacher, director, minister… and so on. The given situation obliges man to provide compromises which lead to an equal rights, and authority.

Woman changes hers priorities. Man is no longer hir extreme dream. Yet, man doesn’t consider marriage a right idea to enhance his productivity and reduce his dispenses as it was in the past.  This raises question – why man and woman don’t get married at early age as before? Through a questionnaire conducted with applicants of age organised gradually and equal rate of female and male from numerous city of Morocco, I will try to respond our main research question.

Results of the questionnaire

I have done questionnaires on Google forms concerning people of different ages of different parts of morocco. The following data are based on the gender, familial relationship, and ages below:

Female : 48.8%
Male : 51.2%   
 Familial situation:
In relationship

Well, through charts and tables above, it is obvious that the majority of the questioned people are young and single while 10% are married, 10% are in a relation and 5% are engaged.

Question 1: What do you think about marriage?

It concerns a direct question to unveil of applicants their view about the institution of marriage. Being at certain age demand to go fourth and back discussing in a monologue the importance of marriage in one’s life. So the given perception reflects ideas of divers ages and genders based on the information of applicants. the result resume one dominant definition among applicants is that marriage remain a sort of stability in human life let alone all others who state marriage for fulfilment  Allah duty.

Question 2: In which age do you want to marry?

Chart by sectors is clearly addresses apparent views even about gender of answers. Certainly,  61.3%  of applicants prefer to marry at the age between 24 and 29, whereas 22.5% wish to get married between 30 and 40 years old, and 15% are eager to start life of wife and husband between 18 and 23 years old.

Question 3: Upon your answer, what are your needs to marry?

            Once man thinks about marriage especially in parental societies, he exactly reconsiders his financial income and insurance of the future. Chart reflects the need of financial balance for the purpose of establishing family. On other side, clearly girls prefer to finish their studies to reconsider marriage an option but studies come first. While others aim to marry in order to please Allah duty. Others look for other soul pair to marry.

Question 4: What do you think about marriage of the past?

            If we have a look into the chart, it means that most of applicants believe that marriage in other word – arranged marriage- it was successful full of patience and compromises. 5% of applicants conceive marriage in the past time lack independency and dignity.

Question 5:  How do you want marriage to be?

            The sector with brown colour addresses one unique views is that applicants prefer to have civil – modern marriage, yet, 15% may see arranged marriage or mix of ancestor culture and modernism work out.

Question 6:  What is the perfect age to marry?

            50% of applicant support attitude which utter that perfect age to get married is 28 years old. I may say that it be a choice of male gender, whereas, on other side, female applicants suggest 22 years old by the rate of 22.5%. Moreover, explicit opinion think marriage has no age, in other word; you may get married once you get your hand on the right person who believes in you.

Question 7: In your mind, what is early marriage?
1.      Under 18 (3)
2.      Problems (2)
3.      Before 20 (2)
4.      18 (2)
5.      Early marriage is the marriage of minors before adulthood and this is often in the mountain areas (2)
6.      I
7.      18-22
8.      It is a problem
9.      Marrying at the age of 18 and below
10.  Under 16
11.  Before the age of 18
12.  the marriage under the legal age
13.  In young age
14.  early marriage is huge fenomenon if the couple is under 18
15.  Any marriage that is below 18 and deprives the girl from living her childhood and dreams.
16.  I didn’t understand
17.  Marriage before 18 years old or less
18.  To marry before the age of 18
19.  Now-a-days the early marriage for girls under the 20 years old is and unconscious mistake that major of Moroccan girls make .because marriage before achieving a financial income that allows her to be self independent, makes her in trouble

20.  not yet being aware of the meaning of marriage
21.  Less than 20 years old
22.  Is when two persons get married under the illegal age
23.  At the age of 18 old and below
24.  12
25.  It is necessity in life
26.  Getting married in an early age
27.  Is the marriage that kills one’s dreams and ambition like marrying before achieving anything.
28.  Is protecting of the self and society
29.  Before 24
30.  Is to get marriage before the age of 18
31.  Respect and exchanging love without self- interest
32.  Protection from going astray and having a stable life. Having enough strength to bear and raise kids…
33.  Before college
34.  To marry under the age of 18 years old
35.  Any marriage under the age of 20
36.  Before 25
38.  When girl get married in early age of 14 years
39.  Getting married before the ageof 22
40.  Raping childhood
41.  Marriage with respect
42.  It’sa death for gril’s life and drams
43.  Getting married at an early age
44.  to marry minor
45.  Not good
46.  Before 18
47.  For me early marriage is getting yourself into various trouble.
48.  20
49.  Early marriage is between 15.18.
50.  Married for sex without think about the responsabilty coming in the futur
51.  Early marriage can be defined as a marriage in early age less than 18 years old, getting married in this age is legal in every country
52.  It’s a violence of women’s right and deprive girls to have a normal life
53.  the married with minor girls
54.  Early marriage was a successful marriage without treason and problems

The table above has answers for the question which is considered obvious if we have a simple look on legal articles, yet, I intentionally put the question to look for other definition in applicant mind. Their point of views concerns as long as where talking of fast development in thoughts between yesterday and today. Well, the divers polls I got reflect to diversity of how they conceive early, it means that the age of getting will raise more and more with time.

Question 8: Why people don’t get married early?
1.      Financial needs (2)
2.      Either for financial problems or failure to find the right spouse (2)
3.      Minors can not marry because they can not afford the responsibilities of the house and the children and the same thing for the males also be able to the responsibility of the wife (2)
4.      Money (2)
5.      cuz they don’t have money enough to care a whole family
6.      They are not mature nor stable financially, mentally and physically
7.      Because of financial problems
8.      Because they are not ready financially
9.      financial problems / responsability
10.  Immature
11.  to avoid familial problems
12.  Because marriage is not everything
13.  Because still don’t have any sense of responsibility to build up a family
14.  Lack of Financial needs
15.  Dor fear of responsability
16.  Traditions
17.  Because of financial problems
18.  because of finance
19.  financial problems and lack of honesty between couples
20.  In order to grow up.
21.  Problems
22.  Studies
23.  Becouse they want to marry because th I is the tradition
24.  Dont have stable income
25.  Because of the lack of needs
26.  Because of awarenesses about this subject and there’s a development of girls situation in Morocco
27.  I think they afraid the not has the freedom and afraid also the responsability
28.  Because now a days marriage become a responsibility and take a lot of money
30.  They don’t have the responsibility yet
31.  Because of financial problems in the most cases
32.  Money
33.  Most of people are thinking of finishing school and getting a good job ,that why they are taking a long time achieving their goals
34.  May be the cause is financial
35.  Moderne Mariage
36.  Don’t know
37.  Because they have to fulfill their dreams and goals first .. And have a good source of money to take responsibikity as is needed.
38.  Lack of money
39.  Financial needs, absence of maturity
40.  Everyone has/ have its own goal to acheive before marriage
41.  Cause of financial needs
42.  Financial problems
43.  School, money
44.  They will have just problems aslo they don’t know what they want
45.  They are not mature enough
46.  They do , many people get married early, therefore, our community is full of divorces , Morocco has a reputation of having a high rate of divorces. One of the reasons behind this issue is early marriage
47.  Maybe they don’t feel ready yet
48.  Because of financial needs
49.  because they want to build their future
50.  They don.t have house money job …..
51.  Money issue
52.  They want time to cover all needs
53.  As far as I am concerned people don’t get married early because they have an idea about the problems they can face in the future especially when they have children
54.  Because marriage needs a big responsibility
55.  People aren’t mature enough until their older

Through the answers of applicants the main raison behind why people don’t get married early has two direct factors; the first, human is looking for achieving his/herself of having high study grades, and the second, woman and man need to establish a professional career guarantee dispenses.  

Question 9: What is your opinion about same sex marriage?

In the first, by thinking of this question, it is crucial and critical at the same time. Basically, it is most obvious when people talk about this issue, and as long as the study is in morocco, the rejection and the objection oblige itself. These views is engendered after different alienation such as religion, biological factor – marriage determined by nature not by culture, and some cannot perceive man and man or woman and woman together. Yet, I would rather shed lights on the rate with blue colour. 23.4% of applicants believe that marriage of same sex is included in personal freedom. 

The question reveals a diversity of large part of applicants. Certainly, views enhanced the conscience of me knowing mentalities based on their experience, their alienations, even in the same religion, their educational background. In the conclusion, i am going to grab result of two art theatrical and practical part.


After having debate on theatrical part raises immense ideas about the institution of marriage, the results of questionnaire confirm to what extent this idea has developed. Certainly, debate about the changes that occurred to this active organ of societies – marriage proves that time and place impose different forms of marriage even it is not considering well-insured. Yet, it is paradoxical attitude of participants who considered civil or modern marriage is perfect model of having a partner, while, same participants believe marriage of the past – which was entirely at early age, a successful partnership.
Intentionally, at the question number 7, I have asked applicants about their definition of early marriage. I got my point of this question where i receive answers which said that “Marriage for sex is an early one”. I totally agree for because of having a partner in life allow one to biological balance, however, it doesn’t mean to pull over emotions to the extreme naivety. Other applicant’s opinion sees that an early marriage refers to marriage in which woman is derived to conducted her normal life, independency she deserves. Ones may see an early marriage is an institution that kills woman dreams and hopes.
Instead of having pretexts above in the question number 7, applicants and people in general are afraid of unknown adventure, career. I could say that lack of experience in one’s life make of a naive person who couldn’t provide a step ahead, take crucial decisions and assume the consequences no matter what happens later on. 
Between having asking explicitly and implicitly about the value of the marriage and needs of having one, participants confirm in each time the idea of financial needs. Additionally, one is eager for time to take the decision slowly, yet, his/her partner, all of this comes after establishing a professional career stable and guaranteed. Well, money talks, it determines the age. One may have the idea of getting married at certain age but under the factor of constant income postpone to another age where he can afford dispenses of family. Yet, girls mandate finishing studies – college- is prestigious condition in order to think about marriage later.
One insight to add, man and woman may prefer traditional marriage, nevertheless, the lack of confidence maximise among partners give the impression of no stability to move ahead towards starting the project of family. Beside, woman today asks for a complete agreement in three aspects, educational, emotional and even appearance, this criterion is taken in consideration implicitly because of large globalisation of beauty criteria.

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