Real Madrid out of champions league

Real Madrid out of champions league

Result Champions League
Chelsea 2 – 0 Real Madrid

The journey of The emperor of the Champions League Real Madrid has come to its end. After the great result in the quarter-final against Liverpool, Zinedine Zidane cannot afford a better performance against German Coach Thomas Tuchel.

Chelsea defeated the emperor of Champions League Real Madrid

CHELSEA has wiped away the Royal MADRID. Technically speaking, players of Real Madrid could find gaps to shoot Mendy net.

German coach defeated the two Madrid Clubs, in quarter Final Athlitico Madrid and now Real madrid.

Chelsea 2 × Real Madrid 0
Tuchel crowned his wonderful work. in bridge qualifies for the final and Real Madrid did not offer him what he could to cross back and forth

Zidane to avoid the intensity of the Blues in-depth tried to open the pitch of Bencho and Militao with one of the midfielders falling next to Ramos. Cross and Modric moved to the sides to try to turn Chelsea players and create space in depth to drop Hazard, but that did not work due to the organization of Chelsea, who only started the pressure process by turning the ball to the sides and moving as one narrow block. Zizou’s biggest negative was the vast spaces in the middle when every ball was lost.

The Blues have the same principles in proximity and pressure in the entire lines, today’s brilliance for the clarity of its collective system and clear roles for each with a great understanding in creating space and attacking it in depth but not embodiment may waste all their efforts.

Mindy’s savior, having Havritz was important in high balls and salutes, Rudiger is a fighter and a quarterback winning the battle again.

Zidane was the one who killed himself and did not learn anything from the first leg, so he entered the same formation with three defensive hearts in the back. And as I mentioned that such a lineup gives priority to Chelsea in the midfield and reveals the defense as it happened.

Chelsea is a realistic team, they are good at defensive transformation and forward pressure, even if he does not have possession of the ball, he can make danger from the slightest control on it.

The Real was very lost, there were no clear ideas, no good pressure, and enthusiasm for progress and fetching goals. Hazard was not a heavy player on the field. It is as if Real Madrid played with a deficient player and Vinicius’s inexperience made him appear at the worst level.

Deserved qualification for Chelsea and is considered an achievement for Real by reaching this role – awaiting the final.

What is your view about the game?

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