Reason why THOR is desperate Avengers: Endgame

Thor was inevitably the strangest character on Avengers: infinity war. The strength that THOR had witnessed in the last movie Avengers may only make us ambitious about Thor the king of Asgard was about to take the hand of Thanos and the evil plan of Mad Titan.

The heroic initiative made in Asgard ship as well as the Dramatic scenes THOR experienced on Asgard ship could only push him to provide all his best to be loyal toward his promise he uttered while Thanos was stifling Loki ” I will send you to hell”. 
Thor has lost the Hammer on the Asgardian ship during Thanos innovation to take Tesseract ( stone of space). And for that THOR decided to travel to Nidavellir.

Nidavellir: the planet where powerful creatures, like Thanos and THOR, on the universe, reach the absolute weapon to dig their objectives.

THOR made the trip. On Nidavellir THOR met the big dwarf, the Stormbreaker maker. He offered THOR the strong weapon to smash Thanos. 
Finally, in the last scenes of Avengers l: infinity war THOR had the chance to kill Thanos but he made a mistake. THOR lunch Stormbreaker on Thanos breast rather than the hand Infinity gauntlet. Thanos snapped fingers half of the universe creatures just vanished.

Thor felt the guilt that he couldn’t save the universe from Thanos evilness. He kept silence for days until they met Captain Marvel. She gave them hope to find six infinity stones. Later they find Thanos but he had already destroyed the INFINITY Stones. 
Since then Thor entered a phase of drinking disorders and hallucination of laughter all time away from Avengers Center in a Village called Asgardian village. And so the character of Thor in Avengers: Endgame was special and limited to the period before vengeance of Avengers.

For the coming films either Avengers or THOR, we are going to see Thor we use to on Avengers: Infinity war and before.

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